How to Save on Back to School Shopping

Frugal shoppers keep track of sales and usually know when and where the best deal can be found. When you are a parent it is especially important to know when and how to save on school supplies and clothing for your children. Do you want to know a frugal shopper secret? Back to school savings are best found in July or August. This is when retailers know that you are thinking about school supplies lists, fall clothing and what your children will need for the new school year. This is when school supplies are on sale at a discounted price. Now that you know or are reminded of this little tidbit. Keep reading to find out more ways on how to save on back to school shopping!

Things Worth the Wait

For back to school shopping, there are certain things that may be desired but not needed. For example, clothing. Sure, it is nice to have new back-to-school clothing but is it you really need or necessary? Say you have a child who is a fashionista who wants all the cool, newest and latest clothes to make his or her mark in fashion in the pre-teen or teen world. Guess what? They do not need those things. Generic clothing of the same style and look can make a splash just as much as a brand name tag.

Consider all the knock-off clothing sold because it looks like or is alike what Her Royal Highnesses (Kate Middleton and Megan Markle) have worn? Do want to know another frugal shopper secret? The best time to buy clothing is at the end of the season as retailers are bringing out the next season’s clothing. You can purchase clothing for 40%, 50% or 70% off.

Back to School Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List

Where to Shop

Buy used at thrift stores, garage sales and buy and sell groups on Facebook – just search for one in your geographic area.

What about hand-me-downs from siblings, cousins or friends? Have a clothing swap when your children have outgrown their wardrobe.

Your budget and wallet will thank you for the savings, making the clothing worth the wait.

The same goes for brand name gear like backpacks, pencil cases, lunch boxes. These want not needs. Besides whatever happened to reuse and recycle last year’s gear? If there is nothing wrong with the items, then keep using them. It is much better for the planet. It can also teach your children that new items are a gift, not a right.

More Back-to-School Shopping Deals

Do not shop with your children. It is much easier to stick to your list of needs without your little people present asking, “Mom, can I have that?” “Mom, can we buy this?

When certain items are on sale for dirt cheap like report folders, scribblers, loose-leaf, etc. buy enough to last the whole year, which may mean buying a few extra. This will prevent you from having to buy anything at full price throughout the year. Anticipate projects that may be assigned by asking friends and families attending the same school as your children and who have had your child’s teacher.

As you can see, there are different ways to save on back to school shopping. Implement what works for you and your family. Remember the savings can be used for vacation, things on your wishlist or put into a savings account. Check out our school supplies before you go.

Be thrifty! Be happy!

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