How to Recycle Your Old Printer

Sometimes when electronics break down or you upgrade, they sit around your house because you do not know what to do with them. Like the printer, your toddler son stuck a pencil in, and you had no idea how to fix even when you got the pencil out?! Yes, you know what we are talking about, we can see you nodding your heads! All kidding aside, this post is to help you know how you can recycle your old printer.

Recycling Centers

Recycling centers take old computer monitors, TVs and a few other small electronics, including printers. It is convenient to take your old electronics to recycle when you go to take your other recycling materials, like your pop and water bottles, etc. If you have never gone to a recycling center, has a handy locator to assist you in finding the closest one to you.

Earth Day will often bring about community events or collections to promote recycling electronics rather than filling landfills with these items. Earth Day is in April, that is why the recycling centers are the better bet because they are open all year round, usually.

how to choose the right printer
how to choose the right printer

If your old printer still works, consider donating it. A senior complex, community or recreational center, classroom or even a student going off to college may appreciate this type of donation. Another idea is to sell it at a garage sale or on a buy and sell site, then donate the money to a local charity. Whatever your decision, it is a more meaningful donation if it includes the manual, power adapter and/or USB cord.

Perhaps you need to make extra money and are looking for things to sell, then include your old printer with your “must sell” goods. Again, garage sales, especially community garage sales can be profitable to some. Then buy and sell sites on Facebook, eBay, Kijiji, etc. are places to sell new and used items.

Local Office Supply Stores

Local office supply stores will often be a drop-off point for recycling printer cartridges and old printer or electronics. Simply check their website, visit the store or give them a call for details.

When you are getting ready to get rid of your printer, be sure to either remove the old ink cartridges, especially if they are out of ink or go the extra mile and include the new cartridges you have on hand. You can make them a part of your donation or charge extra if you are selling the printer for cash.

Do you have recycling tips or things you do to make the earth a cleaner place? Please share them in our comment section because we would love to hear from you!

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