How to Get the Most Mileage Out of your Ink Cartridge

You’ve finally broken down and done it, after much debate and decision making; you’ve finally changed the cartridge in your printer and paid the money for it. Printer ink cartridges aren’t cheap overall but they are the main thing that makes a printer a printer because without them? You have a fancy desk accessory that won’t do much without ink.

Did you know that there are ways to get the most mileage out of your ink cartridge? Did you also know that certain online retailers sell replacement printer ink cartridges for cheaper than you thought you could get them? If the answer is no, then you’ve definitely stumbled on the right article to read and learn just how to accomplish both more mileage from your ink cartridge and where to find them on the cheaper side of the fence.

ink cartridge

Use Greyscale

Unless you are definitely printing in color or printing a formal document that has to be stark and crisp; use greyscale. This option uses less ink in the long run while only slightly dulling down the color of your words.

Avoid Turning On/Off

If you are finished with your printer for the evening and don’t foresee any immediate print jobs, then, by all means, turn it off. If you think that you will be doing more printing within the next half an hour; keep it on.

Starting up your printer uses tiny bits of ink each time during the initialization process and can dry out the nozzle on the ink cartridges if motion is repeated over and over in short bursts.

Ink-Saving Software

There truly is a website or software for everything these days in a digital world. There are now software’s available that you can download for free (or for a fee) online that will save your ink and reduce any unnecessary pictures or bursts on your page. These software’s should only be download from a trusted website and if you are unsure, then ask someone at your local office supply store for recommendations.

Invest in a good spyware and antivirus software for your laptop as well before committing to any downloads bruise a crashed computer won’t print either!

Customize your Printing

Customize what pages you want or need to print, especially when printing from an online website. These websites might look like you are printing one page and suddenly, 10 comes out with advertisements and pictures that you don’t need. Use the print preview option to scroll down through the webpage and make note of the pages you need. Then when you hit print, select the pages that correspond with the data you are seeking only.

Buy Printer Ink Cartridges for a Lower Cost

Don’t spend full price on a replacement printer ink cartridge unless it is something that is needed at that exact moment. Browse deals and sales before spending money on ink cartridges and always look for combination packs that will give you both a colored and black ink for one set cost.

Look at online retailers that cater to office supplies and all the fixings needed for cheap printing; such as This website has everything you can think of in terms of office supplies and even more while offering steep discounts on the products. Quality isn’t sacrificed but the prices certainly are!

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