Back to School Shopping – How Parents Can Save Money

You frugal parents know how to save money for back to school shopping. However, perhaps some of you are digging yourselves out of debt and are just learning how to save money to meet the bills every month. Maybe some of you are experiencing unemployment and are trying to make ends meet on one income or on unemployment benefits. If so, then this post is for you! We are going to share how you can save money on back to school supplies.

Back to School Shopping Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List

How to Save for Back to School Shopping

  1. Make a budget. Some online research indicates that you should budget between $80-$100 for elementary-aged students. For high schoolers, the budget should be a little higher at $100-$150. Making a budget is the easy part, it is sticking to the budget that is the hard part.
  2. Save money shopping online. is running some sales on back to school supplies. Be sure to check them out.
  3. Buy in bulk. Lots of back to school supplies on sale are sold very cheaply during the summer months. Buy in bulk and save money, rather than buying at a regular price during the school year.

Other Way May also Useful

  1. Save money by buying used items.  Yard sales and thrift stores often have binders, calculators, folders, art supplies and loose-leaf paper. Even brand name backpacks, like Roots, can be bought at used sales and for a fraction of the retail price. These items are usually in mint condition or have mild wear and tear. If you are in an area where there are plenty of garage sales during the summer, check them out for back to school supplies before going to a brick and mortar store or buying online.
  2. Reuse and recycle. It has been mentioned in other articles, but it is worth mentioning again. Part of becoming environmentally friendly is not being afraid to reuse last year’s stuff, including back to school supplies. If you have a backpack or lunchbox that is still in good shape, then use it! There is no shame in reusing and recycling our own stuff. It is showing you care about the earth, that you are wise with your money and want to teach your children worthwhile lessons that will stay with them their whole life. Don’t let the fear of what others think cause you to go over budget or into debt!


Being a wise shopper means not only making a budget but sticking to it. Shop online flyers, as well as paper flyers. Know your prices and shop with your back to school supplies list. If you keep your budget that means you will not be “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, as that old saying goes. All that saying means is you will not have to take from your other monthly funds, like going out to eat, paying the electric bill. Good luck on saving money this back to school shopping season! We love to hear from our readers, leave a comment and let us know how you saved money this year.

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