Help Your Kids Get Organized for Back to School

The organization begins with developing good habits. For example, if you tend to lose your keys, start by hanging them on a key holder by your door or in a dish on the entryway table. If you are a woman, then the best place to put them is in the same place in your purse! This is what you need to teach your children if you want to help them get organized for school or life in general. It takes work on your part to teach your child and it will take a concentrated effort on your child’s part to be willing to learn new habits. When back to school supplies have been purchased you will appreciate the information in this blog post!

Back to School Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List

Go to bed and get up at the same time each day.

This guarantees you and your child get enough sleep and are not late for school or work! This can be adjusted for those who work shift work or wonky hours. The principle still applies just use it according to your family’s schedule.


Backpacks are not only helpful in carrying everything to and from school, but they are the one place your child can find and keep their schoolwork and back to school supplies. The backpack itself may be a plethora of organizational tools with different zippered sections and pockets. Use them to your advantage! Sometimes you may have a child who will surprise you when they catch the “bug” of the organization – when they out-organize you!


Any homework, assignments, permission slips, library books, etc. should always be taken out of the backpack, used and then placed right back into the backpack. This saves the headache of stressing over where something is if this habit is adhered to consistently. The same goes for a homework binder/notebook that may be created by your child’s teacher. Start saying goodbye to lost homework or permission slips!

Lunch boxes.

A shelf or drawer in the kitchen would serve you and your child well in knowing where to find and store a lunch box. It is always a good idea to encourage your child to eat remaining food for a snack after school. This will save on wasted food and money. Unsalvageable or inedible food should obviously discard. If your child uses reusable containers, then those must load into the dishwasher or place in the sink wash. This is another way to teach your child responsibility, as well as the organization.

Important dates and activities.

This is where a huge family calendar comes in handy. It is best if it is placed in a prominent location where it is easily accessed, and all members of the family can see it. As important dates area announced or sent home from school, record them on the family calendar. Many use digital calendars, if that is you, simply add it to your digital calendar the same way, set reminders and you will be good to go.

These are easy to establish organizational tips. We hope that you and your child are successful in organizing all the back to school supplies you bought for the upcoming school year. If you are an organizer, please leave your best back to school organization tip in the comment section. We look forward to hearing from you!

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