Epson 702 Ink: The Hype and the Truth

Looking to save some money when it comes to printer ink? Want to also reduce your carbon footprint at the same time? Well, now you can accomplish both of these with one simple purchase: the Epson 702 compatible ink cartridge.

What does compatible actually stand for when it comes to Epson ink cartridges? This means that the cartridge can be used in any printer that takes that size cartridge but it doesn’t carry the brand name of the printer. The bonus of using a compatible printer ink cartridge? It also doesn’t carry the price tag of the brand name printer ink cartridge. They are designed to yield the same number of pages as the brand name and are constructed using all new parts to offer long-lasting products that carry the same level of quality as a brand name printer ink cartridge. Essentially, a compatible ink cartridge is the generic equivalent of a brand name one.

Installation and Maintenance

The Epson 702 Ink cartridge is installed the same way as any other ink cartridge and this task can be completed in a few easy steps. Simply remove the cartridge from the protective plastic packaging and remove the yellow tab located on the end of the cartridge.

Follow the instructions on the display screen of the printer when it tells you that it is time for the cartridge to be replaced and wait until the printer is ready before you open the portals that house the cartridges.

Open the printer and remove the old cartridge as per the instructions located on the printer itself or consult the instruction booklet for easy removal. Once you remove the old cartridge, simply fit the new Epson 702 Ink cartridge into the slots and wait until it clicks into place before shutting the housing door.

Once replace the cartridge and the housing door shut; simply follow the display instructions located on the printer and confirm that you replaced the cartridge with a new one.

Epson 702 Ink

Why Purchase Compatible Ink Cartridges and Where to Get Them?

The main reason to purchase compatible ink cartridges is to save money on office supplies. These cartridges retail through numerous sellers for a fraction of the cost of brand name cartridges. And they can fit the printer model you own. Consult with the seller to ensure that the cartridge will fit your printer before purchasing them and double check the color(s) and page yield as you want a compatible Epson 702 Ink cartridge.

Not a remanufactured one! Looking to purchase these cartridges from an online retailer with excellent customer service reviews that offer not only free. Guaranteed shipping but also allows you to earn points towards future purchases? Then head over the to pick up your compatible Epson 702 Ink cartridge today for one low price and earn 1400 points! You can cash in your rewards points on future purchases to reduce the costs even more. And put money back into your pocket instead of wasting it on a brand name.

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