Electric Pencil Sharpener for Back to School

School is not a school without pencils. School is not a school without a pencil sharpener. Remember the little pencil sharpeners that use to be included in a Mathematics set? Cute and convenient we all thought when we were kids, right? Do you buy Dollar store pencil sharpeners that end up broken or busted because a child dropped it and it broke? Or do your pencils end up hacked up and short because the pencil sharpener does not work correctly? You have not lived until you have used an electric pencil sharpener. Seriously, it sharpens pencils seamlessly. It saves time when sharpening a lot of pencils at once. It is a must-buy for teachers, home educators, artists and families.

Let’s look at some pros and cons we have come up with as you consider adding an electric pencil sharpener to your back to school shopping list, classroom, office or art studio.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

electric pencil sharpener


First of all, Sharpens pencils beautifully.

Pencils are sharpened to a finer point than manual sharpeners.

No wasted pencils. Unless you have a sharpen-happy child who keeps the pencil in the sharpener until the pencils is a stub!

Electric pencil sharpeners sharpen faster, and you can sharpen more pencils in a shorter time.

In addition, It does not hurt your fingers and hand. In other words, Manual pencil sharpeners hurt your fingers and hands from having to manually turn the pencil to get it as sharp as you like. Haven’t you ever got blisters from having to manually sharpen pencils for yourself or your child? Yep, we thought so. Not fun. At. All.


An electric pencil sharpener costs electricity compared to manual ones that cost only your hand, fingers and energy.

It may take up more on your desk.

It usually costs more money than a dollar store pencil sharpener.

To conclude, The pros outweigh the cons and the benefits of owning an electric pencil sharpener just make sense. Moreover, Save your hands, fingers, time, money on wasted cheap pencils and manual sharpeners. Buy an electric pencil sharpener now and you will be wondering how you ever lived without it.

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