Compatible Printing Cartridges – How Document-Heavy Businesses Can Save on Printing

In the 90s, some had predicted that by the 2nd decade of the 21st century we would all be working in a paperless office.  The reality is very different, we are coming to the end of the 2nd decade of the 21st century. The technology of compatible printing cartridges improved. And the printed paper still reigns supreme despite the advent of even more IT technology such as tablets and smartphones.

Businesses still have to contend with the ever-increasing printing cost.  And this does not look like ending soon.  Identifying and implementing the right strategies can save business thousands of dollars. Below are some ideas to aid a business save on printing

compatible printing cartridges

How Businesses Can Save on Printing

  • Instill a culture among the workforce that emphases that users only print when necessary. 
    • Users should imbibe the habit of printing on both sides of the sheet to cut down on the number of sheets used
    • Use of multi-page feature should be encouraged if feasible- this allows you to print more than one page on a single sheet
    • Encourage the use of scanning documents to archives instead of printing and filing
  • Look at the option of consolidating several individual personal printers to a centralized printer with tracking and auditing capability. Using print management software on a networked printer is an easy way of achieving this objective.   If going with this option, ensure the printer is reliable and the printer location easily accessible for the multitude of users.   
  • Use compatible printer cartridges instead of the OEM Originals, this can save up to 30% of the printer cartridge replacement cost. And modern compatible printing cartridges give the same quality as the manufacturer’s cartridges.

So Sign up for a managed print services program.  This will outsource the management, repairs, and servicing of your printers to a professional agency. Also selecting the right program/vendor is critical to get the full benefits of this option. 

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