Brother TN760 and Brother Dr730 for Printer HLL2390DW

Looking for a home printer that will fit snugly on your desk and will copy all of your documents or assignments? Want a printer that can fit up to 250 sheets in the paper output tray? Then you want to check out the Brother HLL2390DW Printer with its low cost, high-resolution printing and it’s one-year limited warranty but free support for the life of the product. The Printer supplies model is Brother TN760.

That’s not the only sellable feature on this printer, however, as it comes complete with more special functions that make this printer small but mighty.

Brother TN760
Brother TN760

Print High-Quality Jobs with Different Replacement Printer Ink Cartridges

The cost of buying a printer can be high enough without factoring in the cost of long term ownership. Printers tend paper to complete print jobs and printer ink cartridges have to be replaced once the current one has run dry. While computer paper can be a tad bit pricy, it is nothing compared to the usual cost for printer ink cartridges. Luckily, this printer can be used with both original and compatible cartridges.

Original cartridges refer to replacement cartridges that are made and produced by the exact same company that manufactured the printer itself. Compatible cartridges are those that are made by a secondary manufacturer but doesn’t carry the price tag of the brand name. These replacement cartridges will fit perfectly into the existing printer and produce the same quality of work as the original one.

They are also available at a much lower cost than original cartridges and ones for this printer, the Brother TN760 toner cartridge and the Brother DR730 drum can be found on This website is one of Canada’s leading online competitors for office supplies and their entire lineup of original and compatible printer ink cartridges can be found here.

Two Functions and Wireless Capabilities

The Brother Printer HLL2390DW not only prints out 32 pages per minute but it also pulls second duty as a photocopier. It is one of the highest-selling printers for students due to its overall low cost and its ability to photocopy documents while printing them. You simply lift the top component of the printer, place your document on the glass and hit the copy button – it is that easy.

Working in the library or a study group and suddenly realize that you have to print an important document for your next exam? What about the fact that you are meeting with clients but forgot to print contracts for the clients you already met with earlier in the day and the thought just crossed your mind? Not a problem, just use your mobile device and the Brother App to send your documents straight to the printer where they will be ready for when you get home.

Want a non-wireless connection and instead need your laptop hooked up to your printer? Then simply connect the USB cable into both the printer and your laptop, install the drivers, and you are on your way!


Now that you have discovered why this printer is popular among students and small business owners, maybe you will give it more serious thought next time you are in the market for a new one. It prints, it copies, it prints from wireless connections and it also prints using the cheaper compatible toners and drums without losing resolution or quality.

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