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Wireless Laser Pointer presenters

Wireless presenters may be a common household item in 2019, and it may not be for the office worker or teacher in your house, but for the cat! Just as the cat loves to run after the red laser dot darting about the floor, employees making presentations or teachers in the classroom use it to keep their audience and students’ attention on the information being presented. Perhaps when you were growing up pointers were something like a pool stick that teachers used when reading something from the blackboard. It is a new era and we now have electronic pointers, otherwise known as wireless presenters.

Wireless Presenter Remote Control, RF 2.4GHz, 100m – Moustache® – Black – $14.99

This Wireless Remote Red Laser Pointer Presentation is small and exquisite, portable and with richer applications. An essential nice assistant of demonstrations or presentations, you can easily point to the PPT or blackboard in any corner of the classroom. Making your demonstrations or presentation seem more dynamic and making listeners feel the release. It features four control buttons that emulate the command keys in PowerPoint. It offers plug-and-play capability with no need for software drivers and the long-range 2.4 GHz technology allows for effective presentations up to 328 feet (100m).


  • Set presentation scroll, laser pointer pen into an organic whole, simple and practical;
  • The well-presented, mini receiver, easy to carry;
  • 2.4 G RF technology design, don’t need to aim at the receiver, embody wireless;
  • Freely Control your presentations up to 100 meters
  • Laser range is less than 30 meters
  • Suitable for WINDOW98/2000/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/ME/XP/Apple IOS various system;
  • Support various file presentation, web pages, e-books browsing;
  • A receiver using the USB interface, plug and play, do not need to install the driver;
  • Dry cell design, more convenient to carry, replacement; Emitter
  • AAA battery included
Laser Pointer

This wireless presenter has been reviewed by 37 of our customers and their combined review ratings give it a 4.8 maple leaves out of 5.

Here are what three of the 5 out of 5 reviewers said about this product:

“Impressive! I tried another pointer, but it offers a much greater range even with interference (Walls and electrical appliances). I hesitated to buy it because of the price of the pointer but it works perfectly.”

“This is my third presenter remote and it just works as expected. Plugged the dongle into my Windows 10 Thinkpad and was able to use it right away. It takes normally a AAA battery unlike others which use unusual batteries and it has an off/on the switch, so the battery doesn’t run down between presentations. Great product.”

 “Great Product! Works WITHOUT any installation at all. Plug and play! The range is NOT 100m, but for a presenter with a laptop like 30-40ft away it is PERFECT!! Great price, great product. Would recommend it anytime!”


And lastly, a 4 out of 5 reviewer stated this, “I recommend the product but, they seem to work fine, the range isn’t as far as they say and there is some interference from room to room in our facility. If you need one for a laptop for presentations it would work great. Just not in classrooms with close proximity.”

As you can see, this product works great for those who do frequent presentations. Students, teachers and presenters alike will find the Moustache laser pointer is an inexpensive, functional and reliable wireless presenter that will get the job done.

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