Bargain School Supplies Buying Guide

Who likes a good bargain? Did we hear some “I dos”? Everyone loves a great bargain, even the wealthiest people can be very frugal. Making the most of your money frees up your budget to get other things you may otherwise not be able to afford. That means if you can buy school supplies on the cheap, you will have more money to put towards your next vacation, start Christmas shopping or simply go out to a movie and lunch with a friend – your treat!

School Supplies Deals

How to Find Bargain School Supplies

  1. First, make a list of the school supplies you need. Be sure to use your child’s school supply list
  2. Ask yourself if you have any school supplies leftover from last year. Do you have a closet, storage bin, drawer or shelves loaded with items you can use for the new school year? If so,

Cross off the items from your list. If lunch boxes and backpacks are still in good shape, reuse them! Children should not expect a new bag or lunch box every year. This is not teaching children to recycle, reuse or frugal living. Plain and simple it is teaching them to be wasteful and entitled.

  • Watch for tax-free weekends. Saving on sales tax is still saving money.
  • Watch for back to school sales flyers. By doing this you may be able to pick up a few items each week, rather than the one bulk-buying trip. Back to school sales usually begin in July or August, depending on the area in which you live.
  • Don’t forget about online sales! Be sure to check out 123Ink’s back to school sale!

Back to school shopping does not have to break your bank account. With careful planning and practicing some miserly shopping tips, bargain school supplies can be found and shopping fun as you see the money you have saved!

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