Back to School Supplies Essentials

It is much easier to stock up on school supplies if you have a list to shop from and when there are a plethora of products on sale. When your child is going back to school, it doesn’t matter what grade he or she is in, there is a wide selection of back to school supplies available for everyone; especially during July and August. If new backpacks are needed, the newer styles offer organizational pockets and sections to keep your child’s homework organized. Then there are the essentials like pencils, erasers, pens and glue sticks that can be picked up at a discounted price compared to regular price for the rest of the year.

Essential Elementary School Supplies

Individual teachers provide an essential back to school supplies list for the elementary grades. You may have your favourite brands, like Crayola®, shop for them during the summer months to save money. Washable markers are preferred for younger ages. Colored pencils for the older children in grade five and six. Pencil boxes or pencil cases keep writing utensils together in one place. Homeschool parents should watch for curriculum sales, as well as discounted subscriptions for online courses. There are so many choices for children’s scissors, do you buy blunt ones or pointed? Then there is paper. Artbooks? Lined or lined paper? Is the teacher asking for paint supplies? The Dollar store has great deals on art supplies.

Back to School Supplies

Basic High School Supplies

High school students usually do not need as much back to school supplies. So much of what they do can be done via the student’s online portal. Sometimes parents opt to purchase their older child their own laptop or tablet. However, that is not a necessity because the school has those electronics available for the students’ use. Plus, parents may prefer their child to use the family’s laptop or desktop at home where they can monitor their child’s online activity. A binder and filler paper may be needed, as well as pens, pencils and highlighters. It will all depend on the level of technology available at your local high school and whether assignments will be done online or pen and paper.

Essentials for Any Grade

Paper sacks or paper bags are essential for students taking lunches from home. Some may want to use thermal lunch bags, which enables you to put an ice pack in it to keep yogurt, veggies and juice boxes cold until lunchtime. Water bottles keep your child from drinking treated water and using public fountains. Hilroy scribblers, journaling notebooks, filler paper, pens and pencils can be bought in bulk during back to school supplies sales, so you have extra throughout the school year.

Preventing Illness throughout the School Year

The best prevention is to teach your child to properly wash their hands before they eat after they play and after they go to the bathroom. Encourage your child not to share water bottles or food, as well. Providing your child with small-sized hand sanitizer, wipes for the classroom and their own water bottle are other ways to keep germs and bacteria from invading your child’s body. Not to mention feeding your child healthy food and snacks, getting enough exercise and sleep. These things will help your child develop healthy habits for the rest of their life.

Did we miss anything? Do you have other back to school supplies on your list that may help other parents and children be ready for the new school year? Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!

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