Back to School Binder Buying Guide

Gone are the days of basic binders. There are different sizes, styles and colors. This has led us to create a back to school binder buying guide. Just for you! Moreover, With back to school supplies going on sale. You will want to take advantage of them to get the best price for the binder you or your child needs.

Back to School Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List


First of all, Binders are worked hard throughout the school year. They are toted back and forth from home to school. Thrown into lockers or onto the floor as children race from class to class. The durability factor is important if you want the binder to last the whole year. In other words, You want an Excellent binder that has a thick plastic covering, with reinforced edges so it does not come apart at the seams. The three rings need to be strong, not loose or flimsy. You don’t want them popping open and risking your child losing his or her hard work.

Functionality and Features

Besides that, You want deep pockets, dividers and if you purchase a cloth, not a plastic binder. Then a zipper to close the binder is a definite plus! The cloth covered binders should have a pen, cell phone holders and a place for a note pad or sticky notes. These features make the binder more functional and useful to your child.

Fashion and Style

In addition, Depending on your budget, your child may want a fun, stylish binder, rather than the boring old black or white office style binder. You can let your child chose the color, design and features, allowing him or her to show his or her personality and style. With the advent of social media, pictures talk. Some binders come with a pocket to place a photograph. This is another way to individualize the binder.

To sum up, Watch out for cheap binders, they may cost less money at first. But if you are replacing them a couple times due to the wear and tear on them, then they are not the most cost-effective. Weigh your options based on the list above and choose according to your child’s style and your budget. As a result, It will make back to school supplies shopping more enjoyable if you are both having fun and making decisions.

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