A Few of Our Favorite Back-to-School Supplies for Teachers

Teachers, you are important! We do not want you to think you are forgotten in the mad dash to back to school sales. These are just a few of our favourite back to school supplies just for you!

Welcome Back Banner

What better way to greet your students than to have a grand welcome back banner? If your budget is pinched or you are in a time crunch, then a welcome back message on the board with some artwork is just as welcoming.

Custom Rubber Stamps

By creating custom rubber stamps, you can stamp special messages on graded work.


Highlighters are a must-have item for teachers. There are new ones available that allow you to see what exactly you are highlighting – how cool is that?

Glass Magnetic Boards

Glass is making a comeback. These glass magnet boards are frame-less, resist staining and are durable.


You need a place to keep your lesson plans and handouts organized. What better place than a binder?

Classroom Décor

Bulletin board scenes, borders, etc. help set the tone of your classroom. Research has shown that too many visuals objects may be distracting to some students. Keep it simple. Don’t go for the overkill in the décor department. Things like student name tags, library pockets and pop-out letters are other items to consider for your classroom. Enjoy getting ready for the new school year. From back to school supplies shopping to personalizing your classroom for you and your students. We wish you a successful 2019-2020 school year!

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