5 Back to School Classroom Setup Tips for Teachers

When you are buying back to school supplies, teachers, you keep your classroom in mind and make a list of things you need to spruce it up for the new school year. You make your classrooms your own in the way you set it up and personalize it with educational tools, as well as things to show your style and personality. It is great if you get your students to help you with the decorating and set up at least a little bit, it helps make the classroom an extension of them as well. Below are some ideas on how you can incorporate that into your classroom set up.

Create a Student Wall

This is a wall where the students can express them in whatever art medium strikes their fancy. They can draw, write, use markers, paint or do chalk art. The self-adhesive whiteboards could be used, or self-adhesive art paper. It depends on if you want to change the wall regularly or keep it up all year. Then review it again mid-year or at the end of the year.

Tech Space

This can be where you set up the computer, laptop or classroom tablets. If you are fortunate enough to have a tech section in your classroom, then you need to be prepared with power strips. Extra power strips can also be a place to store/charge the students’ devices while they are in class, hopefully, preventing them from playing on them during learning time.

Back to School Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List

Use Your Bulletin Boards to Showcase Student Work

Most elementary schools are equipped with classroom bulletin boards. Educational props and décor are strategically placed on these boards. We would like to suggest using them to showcase your students’ work. This will encourage them to do their best and give them a sense of pride in a job well done.

Posters and Wall Charts

Reward systems, classroom rules, reminders, calendars and the like are all useful. Posters that are viewed every day will help students memorize important facts. Writing tips, rules and hard to spell words can also be displayed, much like maps and the food pyramid, which are popular classroom decor. You can make your own if your school printer allows you to or going to an office supply store or placing an order through an educational supply store will help you get your walls ready for the arrival of your students.

Creative Pockets

Creative pockets may also be known as author pockets or student pockets. These are individual pockets for each of your students. It is another way to show the world your students’ hard work. Use a folder, make one side all about the student – their name, grade and what they like – much like an author’s bio line. Then the other side will have a place to feature the student’s current best or favourite work.

Allow your students to choose their best work to feature. This can change quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily if you want to make that a part of your routine. Classroom set up is nearly as important as lesson planning since the atmosphere and visual stimulation will affect how your students learn. We hope these ideas encourage you to use your back to school supplies to make a positive change to further enhance the learning environment for you and your students.

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