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Back to school can be a hard enough time as it is for kids and it can be both a relief along with a burden on the parents. Kids don’t want their summer to end so they are already frustrated on the thought of having to go back to the daily grind of school life and this is true whether they are in primary or high school.

Parents feel the relief of not having their children around underfoot all day long but it can be a burden when it comes time to open their pocketbook and start buying everything their kids need to head back to school and have a successful year.

Cost of School Supplies

The cost of school supplies has risen drastically in recent years with budget cuts affecting everything from the supplies to field trips to after school programs to sports. There is always a fundraiser of some sort that you need to donate to or something that needs to be purchased for a particular class! It doesn’t have to hurt the wallet quite so much though; not if you are smart and shop the amazing deals on 123Ink.ca!

This online office supply retailer offers phenomenal deals on everything that you could think of for back to school – from paper to printers to pencils to pencil sharpeners to desk chairs for the studious scholar.

Looking to organize that messy desk so you can get down to some serious school work? Then check out this mesh/metal desk organizer with multi-sized compartments for all your loose objects floating around your workstation.

back to school center 123ink

Need some binders to keep subjects organized and papers combined? Need they bigger than your typical half or one-inch size? Then you want a bulk pack of two-inch “D” ring binders to meet those needs. Find those here.

Tired of hunting down that little pencil sharpener that leaves one side of the pencil still covered in the wood outlay? You want an electric pencil sharpener that leaves the tip of your pencil razor sharp in no time without even losing your train of thought.

Get Organized for Back to School

Need a place to keep those completed assignments and guidelines for future ones? Tired of searching through numerous papers on your desk, shifting through personal versus school? You want an expanding file folder with upper tabs that state exactly what stack of papers is what and removes the guesswork out of your day. Look at them here.

Are you one of those students that try to balance a laptop on your knees because you prefer it raised when typing or researching that big project? That’s hard and can burn your knees after a long enough period! Why not use a laptop stand that can tilt at numerous angles to raise that laptop and those grades!

Need a way to organize those papers into that six-pack of binders you just purchased? No worries – all you need a three-hole punch that can handle 12 sheets of paper at one time. Find that here.

Now that you are almost set for your back to school needs. You’ll need a backpack to carry that heavy laptop and stand in – one that is preferably waterproof and not so easy to destroy. You want the Moustache waterproof laptop carrier backpack! Now you are set to return to classes and be prepared to ace them at each turn! And to top off your desk, why not try a monitor riser so that when you see that top grade, you truly see it!

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