Why is it important for a business buyer to know about HP compatible printer toner

Understanding the main differences between an OEM, a compatible, and a remanufactured cartridge will shed light on the print quality situation. When you are a business buyer and require the utmost quality or the best value for your money, analyzing the differences between the HP compatible printer toner options can make a huge difference in determining what type of product you’ll be spending your money on.

Analyzing Quality

As every test out there will show you, original toner cartridges HP compatible are the best choice for an HP printer. If it’s statistics you’re interested in, know that an original toner cartridge can print about 97% of the overall acceptable sample pages, while other toner cartridges can only print 61%.

Of course, the most important question is: How interested are you in print quality? If you’re using a printer that’s meant to print documents for internal use, then you probably don’t care about print quality that much.

On the other hand, if your business works with external invoices, business documents, external customer or supplier letters, investors, etc., then you’ll clearly need a higher printing quality for your paper, in which case opting for an original toner cartridge because crucial.

Compatible printer toner quality isn’t that different from original one if you’re dealing with papers that are mostly text. However, when you start printing graphs and images, the difference in quality becomes more noticeable.

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Is HP Compatible Printer Toner Reliable?

Reliability can be measured in a lot of different ways. A reliable cartridge will never damage your printer, run out of toner earlier than it should, or significantly decrease the printing quality or your papers. Tests have shown that original HP cartridges have never failed in reliability studies, while 41.7% of non-HP cartridges did.

In all fairness, opinions on how qualitative HP compatible printer toner is compared to the original deal are divided. By all definitions, compatible cartridges are tested and approved by the manufacturers of the printers, even if they are made by third party companies. When a brand approves a consumable, it deems it worthy of being used with their own products.

So, maybe compatible printer toner isn’t as bad as these statistics make it sound.

Overall, compatible printer toner can save your business a considerable amount of money, especially if you use your printer on a daily basis, and print a large volume of documents. If you’re willing to sacrifice just a little bit of quality over a practical investment, know that compatible cartridges are used by many businesses out there, because they are cost-effective and rarely lead to the damaging of a printer.

Bottom Line

The difference between compatible and original cartridges is only visible when you’re printing out the paper with a lot of details. In terms of text, differences in quality aren’t noticeable, but when you need to print documents for external correspondence, quality becomes crucial.

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