Why 123Ink.ca is the first choice for thousands of small businesses

Over thousands of small businesses choose 123Ink.ca as their first stop for office supplies and furniture needs. There is a simple reason behind their decision – 123Ink.ca has everything a small business needs to start, grow, sustain, and succeed long term.

Deals, Deals, Deals.

The weekly deals corner helps small businesses save their valuable dollars by organizing deals into specific categories. The Less Than $1 sections include those nitty-gritty items that are essential to keep businesses organized – with items such as tape, organizational folders, binding clips, notebooks, and organizers.

The $1-$3 section similarly contains organizational items, but also tools like a hole punch, exacto-knife, pens, pencils, glue, and storage.

Office Supplies Dollar Deals

The convenient More Than $3 section contains larger items like envelope packs, eco-friendly drinking cups, magnets, and highlighters. For heavier deals, there are always select chairs, printers, furniture, and cartridges for sale. Nothing on the site is safe from flash sales, which frequently occur, so make certain you are continuously checking the site, so you don’t miss an important item you need at a wicked price.

There for You

With nearly infinite options for ink cartridges and printers, you’ll be able to get your specific items quick and easy. If you are looking for something precise, the online shop has a Live Chat option for your assistance, or you can leave a message for customer service to contact you as soon as possible.

More Than Printers

It’s no secret 123Ink.ca excels with Ink and Printer service, but the site is not about the status-quo and bare minimum. Running a small business is hard, and navigating multiple stores and shops is strenuous.

Since 123Ink.ca knows it’s hard to have a small business, the site has way more than just printers. There are office supplies ranging from essentials like paper to more luxury items like a neck massager. There are office chairs that range from vintage executive style to ergonomic kneeling chairs, and breakroom essentials that include not only the coffee maker but the coffee and tea to go with it.

The endless deals 123Ink.ca offer keep you stacked with supplies, so you never run out. If you do and need some help finding out what would be best for you, there are customer service options to help you along the way, and anything you need is in the depths of the site. Small businesses choose 123Ink.ca because 123Ink.ca does not have a self-serving agenda. The site serves you, and your needs to help your business succeed from the beginning and beyond.

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