What to Know Before Buying your HP Printer Toner Cartridge

So you are in the market for a new HP Printer Toner Cartridge but you are unsure of what type or brand or even size you need. Not to worry, as many people are unsure before replacing their HP toner ink after the cartridge that came with the printer has run out.

It doesn’t help that different styles of HP printer ink have different labels on them, different warnings and even different page yields. It doesn’t have to be a stressful task, however, to purchase and replace your HP printer toner cartridges. With a few guidelines in place and some general knowledge regarding your printer; you can be searching for the best deals in no time!

Know the Basics

The first thing to learn when it comes to buying an HP printer toner cartridge is the basic information regarding the replacement cartridges. The following information should be readily available before shopping around and comparing cartridges:

  • The size of the printer toner cartridge
  • The amount of page yield that is expected and required from your printer
  • Whether you are looking for black or white printer ink
  • The type of cartridge you are looking for (more on this below)
  • The budget you have for printer replacement cartridges

The Type of Cartridge you are looking for

There are three types of HP printer toner cartridges that are on the market today, which can take people by surprise. The following are the types of printer toner cartridges that can be purchased at a local office supply store or through an online retailer:

  1. OEM Cartridges – these cartridges are defined as original equipment manufacturer cartridges and are produced by the company that made the printer.
    1. These cartridges will give you the highest quality of printing and have a large page yield for both black and colored cartridges.
  2. Compatible Cartridges – these cartridges are produced by another manufacturer, or a third party, but can still be used in any HP printer that uses a particular cartridge.
    1. These are considered generic cartridges but will produce more than acceptable quality printouts.
  3. Remanufactured Cartridges – these cartridges are made from entirely recyclable materials, from the ink to the plastic coverings.
    1. While these cartridges are the cheapest on the market, they are also the lowest in terms of page yield and quality but would be suitable for school projects or personal use.


Armed with your new knowledge regarding your HP Printer Toner Cartridge and what is required in a replacement; it is time to search for the best deals. Don’t jump on the first printer cartridge you come across, even if it is in a local store, as they can be quite expensive when the best deals aren’t shopped. Check out online stores, such as 123Ink.ca, for the highest savings and free shipping options. 123Ink.ca has free shipping, online deals, a point reward system and a large line of compatible, OEM and recycled ink cartridges. Check them out here.

Your HP printer is the one that is supposed to be working hard to produce quality work, so why not let the task of replacing the HP printer toner cartridge be the easy part?

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