What Should I Prepare for this Moving Season

Spring and summer weather does not just mean you want to be outside more, it also means the end of school and moving season. No one really likes moving. It is a lot of work. We want to make your moving experience go smoothly by providing not only the tools you will need to move but also ways to be more organized.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Whether you are a list maker or not, lists can keep track of personal belongings, people to call and things to do and who is going to do them. Checking off each completed item will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep track of what is and is not getting done. If you delegate lists and tasks more will be accomplished in a shorter time period because more people are helping you. “Many hands make light the work,” as that old saying goes.

Order Moving Supplies

You will need boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, labels, “This side up” stickers, and any other moving supplies you can think of. Order these things about two months before you move so they are on hand as you start to pack up your house. Remember to watch for moving season sales!

Get Your Children Involved

Children love to help and if given simple, age appropriate tasks and supervision they can be of tremendous assistance. Let your children pack up their own room, since it is their belongings, they are more than likely to take their job seriously and be willing to work hard to make sure all their stuff makes the move with them. Show them how to pack and let them go to it. Give them a list because they love checking off things they get done too! If there are adult family and friends helping you move, then recruit one of them to oversee your children, especially if you must be elsewhere. Otherwise, check-in on your children frequently to see that they stay on task.

Hiring Movers

Depending on when you are moving, this will have to be done far enough in advance so you can hire reputable movers. Be sure to check on insurance, reviews written about the movers, ask for references and their availability. Moving season is a busy time for everyone.

Budget for Your Move

Moving can be expensive. Be sure you make a budget for your move, so you are not slammed with unexpected expenses after you move. Moving into a new home can bring unexpected expenses like the hot water heater breaking down or home insurance requiring you to put in a new oil tank or railings on your front entrance.

Speaking of homeowner’s insurance, call your insurance to get a quote. Moving can increase your house insurance, but a call to your insurance broker ahead of time can keep unexpected insurance hikes to a minimum when you are prepared.

Moving Season Sale

Moving is an exciting time as well. Moving for a new job or a dream home is a huge milestone. Let us help make your moving day easier! We have everything from markers and labels to bubble wrap and moving boxes. Be sure to check out our moving season sale! Happy Moving!

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