What is the differences between Original and Compatible HP toner cartridges

The printer uses that have never really taken the time to fully understand the terminology may be now subject to a lot of misshapen ideas on what types of cartridges are better. A lot of people assume that original cartridges are expensive, but they’re the only way to prolong a printer’s life.

Others assume that compatible cartridges are a better investment, but will surely damage the printer soon. If you’re looking to buy HP compatible ink printer, here’s some important know-how that might help.

Understanding Cartridges

There are three main types of cartridges that you need to be familiar with. First, there are the OEM HP toner cartridges, which are manufactured by HP itself specifically for its printers.

Then, you have HP compatible ink printer cartridges, which are made by a third-party company. They mimic OEM HP toner cartridges really well, without infringing any copyrights. These products are tested and approved by HP.

Remanufactured HP toner cartridges are basically refurbished original products that have been collected, cleaned, refilled, and then released back on the market as being a viable alternative to the original and compatible options.

The most obvious difference between these three types is the price. Those of you that want to buy cheap HP toner ink should pick remanufactured HP printer ink cartridges, as they are the least expensive and most eco-friendly option of them all. Compatible cartridges are also a money saver if you’re too skeptical to opt for refurbished.

Original vs. Compatible

A lot of people are concerned with the fact that using any other cartridge than an OEM can damage the printer. It’s important to know that there are extremely rare cases when a compatible cartridge was actually responsible for damaging a laser printer.

When you return a damaged printer that’s still under the warranty period, the supplier has to make proof that the compatible cartridge was the one responsible for the problem. Otherwise, they have to repair your printer as is stated in the warranty.

Another concern is with the print quality of an original vs. compatible HP toner cartridge. In all fairness, the real difference is only noticeable if you print photo-quality prints. The colors and contrast are significantly higher in quality when you use an original cartridge. However, for printing regular photos and text documents, you will barely notice any difference between the original and the compatible cartridges.

Bottom Line

While there are differences between an original and compatible HP toner cartridge, the differences don’t really affect a home or office consumers all that much. In terms of print quality, it’s clear that people who need to print high-quality photos (such as photographs, magazines, architects, etc.) will be better off in choosing an OEM cartridge, but for everyone else, a compatible one is just as good.

Also, keep in mind that compatible cartridges are rarely responsible for a printer malfunctioning, so never dis-consider them because of this possibility. Overall, you should give a compatible cartridge a try if you’ve never done so, they will surely surprise you.

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