Tips to Choose the Best HP Toner Cartridge for Your Printer

The cost of a printer is high enough when you look at it in depth, but the cost of printer toner cartridges are gone through the roof when you purchased them from an office supply store. People are searching for ways to buy printer ink cheap and not just any printer ink but HP printer ink. They are looking at repurposed ink cartridges and even purchasing different printers that take a cheaper ink source. None of that is necessary, however, when you chose to order HP toner ink online.

So where can you find these great deals on printer ink? At online office supply retailers, such as! This online retailer has everything that a person could ask for in the office supply market and this includes brand-new HP printer ink and HP toners.

But how do you know what is the best HP toner cartridge for your printer? Let’s break it down and find out how to choose the best deal for your printer without losing quality for dollars.

Determine the Color of Printer Ink Needed

The first thing to determine is if you use more black or colored ink cartridges in your printer. While having a surplus on hand is a good thing, if the cartridges aren’t used in a timely manner, they can dry up even while in the packaging.

If you do need a color cartridge, then look for packages that come as a combination with both a black and color ink replacement cartridge. Keep in mind that some printers, especially older models, are only equipped to print in black and white or greyscale. Always double check the specifications of the printer before purchasing ink cartridges.

The Size of the Cartridge

Each printer model will take a pre-determined cartridge and some printers can differ in size. A cartridge for a floor model printer is triple the size of a desktop model, so it is important to double check the manufacturer specifications before purchasing toner cartridges. Ensure that the company you are purchasing your HP toner cartridge from will allow for returns if it is unused and the wrong size.

Determine a Budget for HP Toner Cartridges

HP Toner cartridges can vary in price depending on the brand, size, color, and if it is remanufactured ink or brand new. High-end name brands will cost more overall than a generic brand and the bigger the cartridge, the more expensive it can be. As previously mentioned, colored HP toner cartridges will cost more overall than black ink but if you choose to purchase remanufactured ink; then the cost is significantly reduced. Also, determine your printer’s page yield; which is how many printed pages you will receive per ink cartridge before replacement is needed.

There are three type of ink cartridges to choose from at any given office supply store:

  1. Manufacturer’s HP Toner Cartridges – these ink cartridges will be made directly by the manufacturer of the printer itself and will typically cost the most out of any type but have a greater yield for printed pages before emptied.
  2. Remanufactured Ink Cartridges – these ink cartridges will be made from recycled ink and cost less than a name brand but have been known to leak on occasion. These ink cartridges are repurposed from recycled ones and go through a vigorous cleaning process. They have the least amount of impact on the environment but can produce a lower quality print job.
  3. Generic/Compatible Ink Cartridges – these ink cartridges have a better quality than the remanufactured ones and will produce a substantial yield for the printed page but does not feature a brand name attached to them.


Look for HP toner cartridges that are sold by a company who offers warranties on your purchase with a solid customer service rating. Determine the return policy as previously mentioned in the event that the cartridge isn’t the correct one for your printer. See if your cartridge can be recycled once it is emptied and inquire if they can be brought or sent back to the company you purchased it from.


Printer ink is one of the greater office expenses, whether you own your own business or you are a student. With a high price tag for an item that is deemed a necessity, it is important to shop around and find the best deals for you. Check out for their full line of HP Toner Cartridges that come in brand-name, generic and even remanufactured ink. To find out more; click here.

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