The Eight Best Budget Office Chairs to Buy in 2019

An office chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment a person can have for multiple reasons. Not only should the office chair be cushioned and comfortable enough to support the body for an extended period of time; it should be able to leave the user free of residual aches and pains that come from sitting in the same position. The proper office chair should align the spine, straighten the shoulders to promote correct posture and allow the feet to rest at a right angle with the thighs to promote healthy blood circulation.

Now the time has come to choose an office chair that will promote all the above and have ample cushioning, heat control abilities and adjustable functions to best suit bodily needs. While most office chairs come with a covering made from polyester or cotton and the pricier models using pleather or leather; these materials can retain heat and leave the user uncomfortable with higher sweat levels. Also, these materials can increase the price of the office chair and not everyone can afford to shell out over $1500.00 for a chair that will promote good blood circulation, proper alignment and control the temperature even on the hottest days of the summer.

That is why the mesh office chair is gaining in popularity and steadily becoming a top seller when it comes to office chairs. Mesh is also less expensive to manufacture, allowing sellers to offer all the benefits of an expensive chair while reducing the price.

So what constitutes a budget mesh office chair? Use the following mesh office chair guide that features the best chairs from at affordable prices!

Moustache Swivel Mesh Office Chair – Armless

This mesh office chair, while arm-less, doesn’t skimp on cushioning comfort or support for the body. The five wheeled bases allow for swivel positions will prevent the user from having to drag the chair into position and with a price tag of only $39.99; it is no small feat that this chair has a five-star rating from consumers.

It also has not only a 250 lb. weight capacity but comes equipped with adjustable height levels that are explored using a lever conveniently hidden underneath the seat!

Moustache Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms and High Back

With a price tag $20.00 higher than the previous entry, the Moustache Adjustable Mesh Office Chair has not only a high back for better support but also fixed arms to allow the user to maintain proper posture for extended periods of time. Not only will proper posture be exhibited, but this mesh office chair also has a multi-layer foam seat for additional comfort.

This chair features a mesh back for temperature regulation with an ergonomically correct curve to promote excellent back health. With tilt features, this chair is easily adjustable to suit any body type and can be adjusted height-wise as well.

Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms and Mid Back

This mesh office chair is a surefire hit due to its curved but mesh designed back that should rest approximately at shoulder height or slightly lower. While there isn’t a headrest with this chair, the curved back allows for a comfortable but correct posture throughout extended periods of sitting down.

This chair features adjustable tilt and height controls and comes in a choice of five colors to suit the décor of the office and personality of the user. The arms of the chair can be locked in place as a resting area for the forearms or flipped towards the back of the chair for those who need more freedom to move around.

Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms and Mid Back

This chair is the same model as the chair with the fixed arms and high back; only this version is slightly more expensive and features a backrest that should come to about shoulder level on the user. It featured fixed arms to suit allow for proper typing/paperwork position and adjustable height controls.

Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support – Ergonomic

This mesh office chair features a sturdy design and a chrome five-wheeled base is a definite bonus to the workspace with its affordable price and specialty features.

This chair has adjustable height and tilt but also an adjustable headrest to promote proper posture and lumbar support for the lower back, preventing residual aches and pains. A mesh back allows the user to stay seated in the same position while releasing trapped body heat.

Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Flip up Arms and Suspension Seat – Ergonomic

Making allowances for those with particular needs in an office chair, the Moustache Mesh Office titled above has everything a user could want. Adjustable tilt, adjustable height, adjustable headrest, suspension seat for added support and comfort, and flip-up arms for those users who need space to move around. Still not sold? The backrest can be leaned back to allow for maximum comfort.

Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Suspension Mesh Seat

While adjusting the arms of this chair, relaxation is a must in the suspension seat. Multiple layers of foam office maximum support for the body. Adjustable height and tilt controls along with an adjustable lumbar seat allow the user to set a position that reduces residual aches and pains.

Silver Mesh Technology allows for a fresh sleek look that is a welcome addition to any décor!

Moustache Adjustable Mesh Office Chair with Footrest

The king of budget mesh office chairs, the Moustache Adjustable mesh office chairs has adjustable everything including arms. Users can easily and safely prevent foot fatigue with the attached footrest. The footrest is placed using the seat for easy access and can be moved back into a stored position with the use of extendable rods.

Conclusion People work hard for their money and they want to be able to complete all assigned tasks in comfort! Check out for the best deals on the web and guaranteed shipping to be sitting in your new budget mesh office chair today.

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