How do you sit in a kneeling chair?

Kneeling Office Chair

Kneeling chairs are ergonomically designed to facilitate posture into an ideal position. Kneeling office chairs, lease your hips forward to encourage an upright posture by aligning your back, neck, and shoulders. Sitting in this position relieves the strain on the lumbar muscles.

The padded seat and knee pads afford comfort for extended periods of time, so there is no need to worry about staying comfortable when digging into lengthy and tedious projects.

Regular office chairs offer a poor pelvic tilt which can lead to slouching or a hunched back. The result is an unhealthy spine curvature that can lead to fatigue or pain. With a kneeling chair, the spine is steady at a healthy curvature with an ideal pelvic tilt. Sitting with this correct posture will equal better comfort.

To sit in a kneeling chair, simply kneel forward placing your knees into the knee pads and lower your hips into a natural position.

Ergonomics Kneeling Chair

At first, the position may feel awkward but that’s okay. Your body may not be used to a sitting position where your joints are in natural angles. This may seem odd when starting to sit in a kneeling chair for the first time, but your body will eventually adjust to the fully natural position. You won’t only be more comfortable in the end, but you’ll also have a brand-new feel.

Kneeling chairs also have manually adjustable height and angle adjustments so you can find the position that fits your unique build, personalizing the overall experience. While regular office chairs are becoming increasingly more comfortable, they still do not place you into a natural, ergonomic position. Therefore, trying out a kneeling chair, especially if you haven’t previously, may be the solution you need.

Attempts to replace the office chair have surfaced in the form of stools, other apparatus’, and medicine balls, but those options do not place you into the natural position your body is meant to be in while sitting. The best part about a kneeling chair – they are not expensive and may be the answer to back, hip, knee, or shoulder pain when sitting at your desk for extended periods of time.

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