Differences between Original and Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

The time has come to purchase a new replacement printer ink and if your printer is an HP model; then you definitely want to buy cheap HP toner ink. Finding HP printer ink that doesn’t skimp on quality but doesn’t drain the wallet, however, can sometimes be a harder task than originally anticipated.

This is where the difference between original and compatible HP toner cartridges come into play. Some people aren’t even aware that you can purchase compatible or even remanufactured printer cartridges for a fraction of the original cost. While there are differences between the OEM HP toner cartridges and the HP compatible ink cartridges; the quality of the two are generally the same with a significant difference in the price tag.

Original HP Toner Cartridges

Original HP Toner Cartridges are manufactured by the makers of the HP printer you currently own. They are the most expensive type of HP printer cartridges on the market today but they consistently produce high quality printed pages, photos, and official documents with high page yield. Page yield refers to is the number of pages that you receive without losing any ink or color in terms of quality.

These cartridges last for a long period of time and at least one black HP toner cartridge should come with your printer upon purchase. Not all models will include a color HP toner cartridge, as these are the most expensive you can purchase.

Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

Compatible HP Toner Cartridges are typically produced by a third party and are a copy of the original cartridge without being the exact same for legal reasons. They are significantly cheaper than original HP toner cartridges and will produce close but not quite the same page yield over time. They may be off by approximately 50 pages but they will produce quality print jobs over and over.

These cartridges are indistinguishable from the original cartridges but it is recommended that you check into different clauses of the warranty agreement that comes with your printer. Certain models will require the use of the original cartridges.


If you want to save money on your office supply budget and you have an HP compatible ink printer, why not check out compatible cartridges for a change and see how they suit the reason you need ink in the first place! It is important to remember that there will be a slight difference in the quality of the printed page but it shouldn’t be enough to return to original toner cartridges at a higher cost unless the printed page is your livelihood!

While big companies tend to drift towards the OEM HP toner cartridges, the general public is flocking to online retailers that offer high-quality cartridges for a fraction of the cost. One such retailer is 123Ink.ca; an online Canadian store that has all of your office supply needs to be covered; from paper to furniture to printers to the ink or toner cartridges needed! Check them out here.

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