Canon PGI270 and Canon CLI271 for Printer TS5020

Canon has an understandably impressive reputation for their high-quality electronics, and millions of Canadian offices contain Canon printers. Of course, the offices of the Boomer generation looked a little different than your typical millennial-friendly office or co-working space. The one similarity might be that Canon printers are still regarded as the gold standard.

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, where plenty of young professionals are either working from home, sharing workspaces, or printing in their university dorm rooms. The rising popularity of sleek, compact printers—over the clunky machines of yesterday—is indicative of a change in the industry. The Canon PIXMA TS5020 is one such capable yet stylish printer, enabled with Wi-Fi and capable of connecting to literally any imaginable device.

Cartridges for the PIXMA

The Canon PIXMA TS5020 is not only the coolest printer on the market, with intuitive capabilities that make printing everything from undergrad essays to glossy borderless photographs a breeze. It’s also surprisingly affordable. Unfortunately, like all Canon printers, the price is a bit of a mirage; you’ll end up realizing just how much printer ink cartridges cost long after you’ve made your initial purchase.

Since printers tend to be a rare, yet significant, purchase, the machines themselves are marked down, while the manufacturers hike up the prices of the cartridges and drums, knowing that their customers are now locked in for life—or at least until they learn about the alternative, now available in the form of a generic brand called Moustache.

Savvy Shoppers Buy Third Party

Compatible ink cartridges are not hard to come by if you know where to look. Moustache was launched in 2007 in response to the high cost of printing expected of struggling university students in Montreal, but the price of Canon cartridges has only increased in the last twelve years.

Something else that has happened over the last decade is the boom in online shopping, making the compatible alternatives all the more appealing. Especially when you can place an order, get free shipping, and start printing again all within 1-3 business days. PIXMA users are increasingly relying on third-party online retailers to stock up on their compatible cartridges, such as Canon PGI270 ink and Canon CLI271 ink.

Both provide exceptionally high yields. Both are far more affordable than the Canon originals. Moustache is a stylish and millennial-friendly brand, certainly, but they offer some very practical benefits.

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