Brother LC3011 and Brother LC3013 for Printer MFC-J497DW

The Brother brand originated found in Japan in the early twentieth century, manufacturing high-quality sewing machines. They branched out into the computer printer market in 1962, and today boast of the largest and most renowned collections of high-quality multi-function printers. Brother printers, such as the Brother MFC-J497DW, are used in offices worldwide. Best of all, they are priced at a reasonable rate.

Printers tend to be a rare, one-time-only purchase. As far as electronics go, they’re pretty sturdy and resilient. They’re likely to be long-lasting. They’re also required for pretty much every school, work, or home office setting. For a standard purchase that is necessary for just about anyone who does any computer processing work at all, why are they so cheap?

Compatible Ink Cartridges

The answer is simple. Manufacturers of major printers, such as Brother, mark down the cost of their actual printers because they know that consumers will spend a lot more money down the road on ink cartridge replacements.

In offices where an excessive amount of printing is done on a regular basis, a high-yield ink cartridge is necessary. Running out on short notice can be an inconvenience at best and a black mark on your academic record at worst. (The co-founder of our company understood this when he was a student at McGill University back in the early 2000s, watching students budget carefully for printing costs.) So how can you effectively save money on ink cartridges?

Generics are Preferable

Just like savvy savers who seek out generic brands at the grocery store, the informed office worker saves on ink cartridge replacements by using a compatible generic brand rather than paying the exorbitant rates charged by the manufacturer. Buying indirectly through a third party is one of the best options you have to save big on cartridges compatible with your Brother MFC-J497DW.

The Moustache brand originated in Canada and continues to operate entirely in the Great White North, with no outsourcing and frequent cooperation with the fastest and most punctual delivery carriers in the nation.

This means that an order placed for compatible Moustache cartridges such as Brother LC3011 ink or Brother LC3013 ink could easily arrive at your doorstep within 1-3 business days. Best of all, shipping is either free or very low cost, depending on which province or territory you’re ordering from.

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