Are Mesh Chairs Comfortable and How Does It Impact Your Work Efficiency

Looking for a new office chair that provides ample support without losing any comfort that is required to make it through the workday? Perhaps you’ve been hearing about mesh office chairs and how they add comfort without sacrificing it for supportive means. The downside? The cost of most office chairs on the market today, mesh or not.

There are places to find budget mesh office chairs, however, and one of those places is the amazing online Canadian website;! They have a wide range of mesh office chairs for a fraction of the cost when compared to most office supply stores. One of the highest rated and recommended comfortable mesh office chairs available through this site is the Moustache Mesh Chair with fixed arms and a high back.

What to Look For?

When looking for a new mesh office chair, it is important to ensure that the chair in mind has at least the following features:

Mesh Back

Mesh is a highly breathable material, so purchasing an office chair that has a mesh net as the entire backing will reduce the amount of trapped body heat. When a person stays in one position for a long period of time, their core body temperature will rise and activate the sweat glands.

Mesh will prevent this excessive sweating by allowing the body to breathe and heat to be dispersed into the atmosphere.

Adjustable Features

When purchasing a new office chair, especially a mesh one, there isn’t a lot of cushion in the back of the chair itself. By purchasing a chair that features adjustable tilt control, adjustable height control and a swivel-wheeled base; the user can set the chair into a position that is comfortable for them and suits their body type (weight, height, etc.).

Once the body is comfortable, you are able to work at your full potential for longer periods of time.

Fixed Arms

While some people prefer an office chair that doesn’t feature locked-in-place arms, it is recommended that your office chair does have this feature or at least, have arms that can be locked in when needed.

Maintaining a proper typing position can be difficult and without armrests, the muscles of the shoulders, arms and wrists become easily fatigued. This fatigue can lead to muscle spasms and residual aches and pains. If these become too severe, suddenly workers are losing work due to treatment and maintenance of fatigue.

Disadvantages (and how to avoid them)

Mesh can be either too stiff for comfort or too lax to offer any real support. A stiff mesh backing will not have any give to allow the body to relax whereas a lax mesh backing will allow the body to move positions without any warning and could cause future aches and pains. A properly made mesh office chair, even a budget mesh office chair, avoids this by offering a full cloth seat (usually with contour) that features multiple layers of foam to support the lower body.

Mesh can also have plastic frames surrounding it and keeping it in place but over time these plastic frames can weaken. Properly made mesh chairs will have a metal or heavy-duty plastic frame so it is important to search for these features.


With all your newfound information, you are prepared the next time you are in the market for a new office chair and you have made the decision to buy a mesh office chair. Why pay more of your hard earned money when there are online stores catered to the best deals for top-notch product.

When you are required to sit in an office chair for extended periods of time throughout the day, you want to ensure that you will be comfortable, supported and avoid those dreaded aches and pains that can come from muscles locked in position too long.

Check out the Moustache Mesh Office Chair with Fixed Arms and a High Back today!

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