Why is Footrest Important?

Do you find that by the end of the day your feet are tired and achy but you can’t pinpoint why considering you have a job where you spend the majority of your time sitting at your desk? Do you notice that there is a crick in your neck or dull pain in your lower back after working eight hours? This is could be symptoms developed from the lack of an ergonomically correct footrest as part of your office setup.

Footrests are becoming more and more common in the workplace; especially the workplaces or jobs which includes duties that require significant amounts of time sitting in one position, either on a computer or just sitting at a workstation.

If you are asking yourself why a footrest is so important and why workplaces are providing them as part of a common workstation setup more frequently, you are not alone. Studies show that numerous people forgo using a footrest and suffer from a significantly higher amount of neck, back, shoulder and even leg pain than those who do.

Let’s break down why a footrest is so important but before we do that, we need to understand just what a footrest is!

What is a Footrest?

Office Ergonomic Footrest

A footrest is a piece of office equipment that is designed to fit snugly and securely under your desk. It features a raised design that should fit directly under the feet while a person is in a seated position and is typically made of hard plastic with ridges (could be linear or circular) on the surface to stop the feet from slipping out of the correct position to provide support and pain relief. The top models will feature adjustable height and also allow for the angle of the tilt to be adjusted to suit each individual.

Why is it Important?

A footrest is important because it ensures that the individual maintains a proper position to reduce back and neck strain by raising to the appropriate height that allows for the thighs to be at a right angle with the upper body. It also will help distribute the individual’s body weight throughout their chair, reducing strain to the areas of the body most prone to aches and pains – think back, neck, and shoulders.

A footrest that has been raised and tilted to the correct heights will promote healthy thigh and leg circulation while allowing the seated individual to maintain the correct posture for spinal alignment throughout the workday.

The more industrious individuals will also use their footrest to practice “active sitting”; which a level of sitting that allows for continuous motion throughout the day to promote healthy blood circulation. Active sitting could be something as simple as creating motion through rocking motions or using the footrest to do mini crunches by raising the knees towards the chest while engaging the core! Whichever you chose to do, you are maintaining healthy blood circulation and engaging in a mini-workout.


Now that we have discussed why a footrest is extremely important in not only the workplace but also for a home workstation, it is time to seriously consider adding one to your office. Head over to 123Ink.ca to find amazing deals on ergonomically correct footrests in a wide range of designs and styles to not only suit your body’s individual needs but also suit your own personal aesthetic.

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