Which Printer tend to play nicest with Linux?

From its humble beginnings as a student project in 1991, Linux has come a long way as an operating system (OS).  It is the OS of choice for self-avowed geeks and its presence in the enterprise server market is even stronger.  In its different variant, either as Ubuntu, Fedora, or even Debian, it is an OS that has come to stay. 

Like all the other desktop and PC users, even the geeks who use the Linux OS also need to print documents and pictures.  Finding a suitable printer for this OS in the past, used to be difficult. But with the introduction of the common Unix printing system (CUPS) protocol, there are now more contemporary printers that are able to support printing on this niche OS. 

By and large, HP has the largest selection of free software compatible printers that support the Linux OS.  Some of their more popular brands of printer models that support the Linux OS include;

When you buy a printer in Canada, you can get these and other Linux OS Compatible printer from 123ink.ca at very affordable prices. 

Another OEM that has a good selection of free software compatible printers that support the Linux OS is Brother.  Recommended Brother Printers in this category are

All Linux users should be aware that some OEMs require non-free drivers or plug-ins for their printers to work with the Linux OS.  For more information on Linux OS compatible printers, you can check this link.

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