What is the Purpose of a Footrest?

Have you noticed your co-workers using a new piece of office equipment under their desks, provided by your employer or something that they brought in themselves? Is this new piece of intriguing office equipment a small item made from hard plastic that is raised on an angle? Does it feature ridges of some sort, either linear or circular, that allows them to maintain that perfect posture you long to achieve but always fail to maintain the longer you sit at your desk? This item is a footrest and it is super important for those who work on a computer for long hours or spend their time at a workstation in a seated position.

Footrests are becoming more and more common the workplace due to the numerous benefits they provide for the user, from pain reduction to healthy blood circulation. Available at a wide range of prices, footrests can be purchased from any local office supply store or even some department stores that carry either a home office section or an electronics department.

Ergonomic Footrest

So what is the purpose of a footrest and how can it benefit you in the long run? Let’s break it down together!

The Purpose and Importance of a Footrest

The exact purpose of a footrest cannot be summed up into one exact statement because a footrest serves a number of purposes. It will provide pain reduction by allowing the seated individual to maintain the correct posture, even after being at work for more than four hours in the same position. It promotes healthy blood circulation by raising the feet to allow the thighs to be in a right angle with the upper body.

You can use a footrest for active sitting, increasing the heart rate and blood circulation, by simply rocking the footrest back and forth to increase motion. You can use a footrest to maintain comfort levels throughout the day because your feet are constantly on a flat surface without straining to reach the floor.

The best models of footrests will come equipped with dials that allow you to control the height of the footrest and also the angle of the tilt of the footrest so it works best with your individual height and body weight.

Ergonomic Angle and Height Adjustable Footrest


A footrest is the type of office equipment that provides numerous benefits, both internally and externally, but is also discreet enough to fit snugly under your desk without sacrificing floor or workstation space – both of which can be a battle to get in the workplace, especially a shared office. A footrest is also just as useful in your home office, whether you spend your time on a computer at a desk for business purposes or you are a student that is cramming for the next big test!

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