What is a MICR toner cartridge?

MICR is an acronym that stands for Magnetic ink character recognition.  This refers to the characters at the bottom of the check that aid in the processing of checks.  The characters also referred to as a MICR line contain information on account number, bank routing number, check number e.t.c.    

MICR is a regulated standard that banks and financial processing institutions comply with.  The failure of a check to comply with this standard will lead to the non-processing of the check and the organization that produced the check to incur penalty charges

A check that is being processed is assessed by automatic magnetic reader sorters that look for the MICR line details printed with specified MICR toners and a specific MICR font.  The MICR toner cartridge has specially adapted toner powder to meet the MICR standard. 

IBM 28P1882 MICR Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

The printing volumes of the agency printing the checks will determine if they require a dedicated MICR printer or if they can use a normal LaserJet printer and have a MICR toner only to be used for printing checks.   It is advised if you are using a generic printer for MICR printing you should also have another toner available for printing other works.   

On 123ink.ca, we have IBM 28P1882 MICR Compatible Black Toner Cartridge available as well as other compatible and remanufactured MICR toner cartridges. 

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