What causes a printer to print blank pages?

Why is it not working the way it normally works? , you ask in frustration, after you click print on a document and instead of the well-articulated document or the treasured photograph, you get blank pages.  Frustration is an understandable emotion in this scenario.  But being logical and following the steps below will assist you in identifying the root cause of the issue and come up with solutions to fix the problem. 

Cartridge issues?

An often overlooked cause of printer printing blank pages are issues dealing with cartridges. Which is surprising as issues revolving around the cartridge are one of the more common reasons printer’s exhibit this anomalous behaviour.  The common cause is a printer cartridge running out of ink.  This can easily be confirmed by checking the cartridge ink level by using the printer software on the computer. And if it is confirmed that the cartridge has run out of ink, the easy solution is to replace the cartridge with a new one. 

Another cartridge related issue is a dislocated cartridge that does not have a full electrical connection with the rest of the printer.  This issue might be difficult to identify, but to be sure this is not the cause of the issue when faced with this problem, it is recommended you remove and replace the cartridge. Then check that the printer is able to print. 

 Dirty Nozzles?

If the printer nozzle is dirty and clogged up, there will be no transfer of ink from the cartridge to the paper leading to blank pages. A sure indicator this might be the case is when the printer appears to be working (print head moving back and forth with the normal whirring printing sound) but no printed pages appear.  Infrequent use of the printer is one of the leading causes of clogged up nozzles due to the drying out of the nozzle.  If clogged up nozzles are suspected, most printers have options that allow you to clean the printer head by following menu options. 

Paper issues?

Sometimes, the printer is printing blank pages because the document sent to it has blank pages. It pays to check this is not the case before trying out other troubleshooting options.  Another common paper related issue is selecting an unavailable printer paper size in the menu options.  This a lot of times will lead to the printer printing blank pages. 

Printer Driver Issues and Communication issues

The issues under this category are harder to ascertain, but with the assistance of the printer diagnostic tool, you should be able to identify if the printer printing blank pages are caused by a faulty printer driver or a communication issue between the printer and the PC.  If a faulty or outdated printer driver is identified as the root cause of the issue, the solution requires downloading and updating the printer device driver on the system.  Likewise for a faulty communication cable between the printer and the PC. The faulty communication cable will need to be replaced. 

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