Is it possible to continue to print even after the printer indicates the toner has run out?

Yes, it is possible on some laser printers to continue to print after the printer indicates that the toner has run out.  But most printer manufacturers will not guarantee the print quality if printing continues after the indicator light indicates that toner has run out. 

Understanding how a laser printer can continue to print after the printer indicates it has “run out” of toner cartridges powder requires that you know that the toner level shown by the printer is an estimate. It is an estimate based on the current toner utilization levels and the historical usage trend programmed into the printer by the manufacturer. 

This estimate is usually not always correct as regards the printer is out of toner.  But the printer manufacturers use the warning as an indicator to the user to go and get a replacement toner.  Most manufacturers stop further printing from taking place till replacement Laser toner cartridges are installed within the printer.  This can be annoying and frustrating especially if the user is aware that they can eke out a few more print pages before the toner cartridge gives out. 

The link here describes various ways of overcoming or getting around the indicator warning that the printer is out of toner for different manufacturers.  The methods range from taping out the sensor within the printer that measures the toner level, following deeply hidden instructions within the printer manuals,  tricking the printer into believing that a new toner has been installed by opening and  closing the entrance doors to where the toners are housed, and following the override commands on the printer menu. 

All these methods have varying degrees of success depending on the printer make and model.  And apart from the printer manufacturer not guaranteeing the print quality when printing is done after the need replacement toner indicator comes on, there is a possibility of damage within the printer when a charged drum leaks charge to other parts of the printer when no toner is left to attach to it. Because of the possibility of this damage occurs, it is always advisable to get a replacement Laser toner cartridge when the printer indicates you should do so. 

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