How to Use a Computer Footrest

Did you just recently discover footrests? Have you heard coworkers raving about this piece of equipment that is reducing their back pain and actually helping loosen the knots in their neck and shoulders? Are you sitting at your own desk, rubbing at the boulders in your own neck and shoulders, wishing you had a footrest to help alleviate your pain? You can have a footrest yourself, it is just a matter of choosing the right one and learning to use it properly.

If you have a footrest that isn’t suited to your body type, for example, you are still straining to place your feet flat on the surface or it is an older model that has been left lying around the office and the ridges are worn that smoothly – your feet tend to slide around or off of it; then you will not experience nor appreciate all the benefits of a footrest. Instead, you will just increase the number of aches and pain felt in your back due to incorrect positioning.

This post is going to discuss not only how to use a computer footrest but also touch on what features you should be looking for when purchasing a footrest of your own.

Ergonomic Office Footrest with Foot Massage

What to Look For

When looking to purchase a computer footrest, ensure that the following is available on the model you are interested in buying:

  • The height of the footrest’s raised surface should be able to be adjusted anywhere from 10 to 18 inches to suit your individual stature.
  • The angle of the tilt (the portion that directs the feet into the proper position for correct posture) should be able to be adjusted anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees.
  • Check for models that can be adjusted using foot pedals or pressure rather than a model that you have to physically bend and adjust.

How to Use a Computer Footrest

Place the computer footrest under your desk and situate your feet flatly on the surface. The height of the footrest should be at a level that allows you to place your feet flat without straining to reach the footrest or sitting forward in your chair to make contact.

Once the feet are properly placed, there should be approximately five to seven inches of space between your knees and the underside of your workstation. If this is visible, then your knees should be tilted enough to see a right angle between your thighs and upper body. If this is visible and you are able to sit in a position that promotes proper posture without strain or stretching felt in any part of the body, you are using your computer footrest correctly!


Do you now know where you could go wrong when using a computer footrest and know how to go exactly right to maintain correct posture and promote healthy blood circulation? Are you interested in purchasing your footrest, not just for your workplace but also for your own home office?

If you are and the thought of saving money for your new addition appeals to you, head over to to browse through a full line of footrests from private brands and those you know. With savings on all office products and shipping Canada-wide, the only thing to lose is the back aches and pains that come with the territory of working in an office!

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