How to Install Epson 802 Ink Cartridges

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720 All-in-One Printer is designed for small business users who desire quality color prints at an affordable cost per page.  It is an all in one printer (including copy and fax) that prints at a high speed compared to other printers in its class.  It is also a wireless printer which makes it easy to print on the go. 

The printed images from the printer have a high fade resistance and the printer is able to hold 250 sheets at a go reducing the time spent in feeding sheets to the printer. The printer is easy and intuitive to use. The printer comes with four color cartridges; black, cyan, magenta and yellow. 

The cartridges for the printer, come in standard yield and high yield.  High volume printers should use the high yield cartridges to reduce their cost of printing. 

Installing the Epson 802 Ink Cartridges, like other activities done on the printer is easy and simple. The steps below outline the activities to install the cartridge.

  • Initiate the installation by clicking on maintenance, then ink cartridge replacement, then next and then start
  • Lift the top scanner unit.  And wait for the carriage holding the cartridges to center.
  • Gently squeeze the tab of the cartridge to be replaced and lift out of the printer
  • Dispose of the discarded cartridge in an  environmentally friendly manner
  • Unwrap the new cartridge, taking care not to touch the contacts while removing the seal tape that exposes the vent hole.
  • Align the cartridge so that the “c” of the cartridge aligns with the “c” of the machine.  Gently press down to allow the new cartridge to click into place. 

Bring the top scanner assembly down and printing is ready to commence. 

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  1. jake warkentin

    i have been using your refills for years. But the last one under the moustache name made a mess and colors were odd and mixed.
    now how can i fix this. or will you send me new ones to replace the old ones. could they have been to old when I got them.
    they seem dry and not wet as usual. .
    they are for a HP OFFICEJET PRO 6978 MODEL
    you can look, up my record as it is on your files


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