How to calculate your Printer’s Cost per Page

With rising costs on everything from clothing to food to fuel to basic living expenses; it is becoming more important to reduce costs where you can and save money in the areas that you can without sacrificing your current lifestyle. Has it ever occurred to you to check what the actual cost your printer is on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis – depending on the level of use? Printer replacement ink is through the roof compared to what the costs once were, with toners for basic black ink costing upwards of $100.00, especially if you have a fancy or hi-tech printer.

Colored ink and black ink replacement cartridges, when added to the cost of the printer itself, is ridiculously high and can become a burden on household expenses when your printer is in use on a regular basis from children’s school assignments to hobbies to arts and crafts. The costs rise even more if you own private business and print off invoices or documents for clients.

There is a way to calculate what your printer is costing you for each page that you print, regardless of the size of the project or the resolution of the ink. Let’s find out how to calculate this!


The calculation behind the cost of your printer and the correlation to the cost per page isn’t a hard calculation to complete. The first piece of information that you will need, however, is the approximate yield for generic printing – which should be found on the cartridge replacement box in the information section. This is where you will find out how many pages each cartridge should fully print before running dull or losing resolution.

Once you have this piece of information, take the cost of the replacement ink cartridge and divide it into how many pages each cartridge can print before becoming dull or losing quality. This figure is the cost per page of your printer and should be used to determine if the ink being purchased is actually worth the cost!


Printer replacement ink is expensive enough but it can be a necessity if you own your own business, you are a student or you have children in school that cannot be running to the library or to a printing store each time they have a project due. Local office supply stores can sometimes increase the cost of the printer replacement cartridges during markup to make a profit and offset their own costs from shipping to purchasing.

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