How often and/or how many pages must be printed with color inkjet printers to prevent the system from drying out and not working?

We all want our inkjet printer ink Cartridges to be reliable. We want them to behave as the manufacturers have advertised.  To always be in tip-top perfect conditions. To be responsive when we need them.  Even if we have not used them for a while. Unfortunately, this will not always be the case. 

Inkjet printers ink Cartridges, as with any manufactured items are designed and built to operate under certain conditions and environment.  Changes to these conditions and environment might impact the performance and reliability of the printers.  One of the more frustrating reliability centred issues is having a print head drying out when the system has not been used for an extended period of time. 

The time interval between the use of the printer that will cause this drying out to occur differs from printer manufacturer to printer manufacturer as well as differing from model to model.  The root cause of this issue can be traced to the operating principle behind an inkjet printer. 

The inkjet printer cartridge works with an inkjet printer to print out jobs. A jet of liquid ink is squirted from the ink cartridge through print heads within the printer onto the paper sheet forming images and texts. It is possible for air to get into the ink cartridge. This might cause the printer ink to dry out especially if the printer has been idle.  Usually, a printer idle for 3 – 4 weeks is susceptible to drying out. 

To prevent this, it is advised that you print at least once a month. Ensure you are printing out color pages to ensure that the color cartridges are utilized. If you use a modern printer, it is advisable that the printer is kept turned on, to allow it to go into a standby mode that keeps the cartridge as air-tight as possible. 

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