Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Moving

prepared for moving day

Before moving

  • List all the big appliances and furniture that you’re bringing to a new home.
  • List all the fragile items such as fine art, glass, lights and hanging paintings.
  • List all major furniture or appliances that you plan to sell or give away. Put advertisement on Facebook or Kijiji.
  • Take a note of the dimension of your new home, plan and buy furniture or appliances according to it.
  • As for moving day off from your company in advance.
  • Find someone that can take care of your little dogs and cats.
  • Plan a thorough cleaning of your home before you leave.
  • Empty your fridge and disconnect it at least 24 hours before your moving.
  • Mark your boxes and count the total number.
  • Prepare a backpack and bring the important documents and IDs always with you during the moving day. Keep a copy of your important document or upload them online in case they get lost with the box.
  • Reserve in advance the parking lots and elevator door holding building janitor of both old and new place.

 Find the best moving company

  • Check the reviews on google or on any Social Media.
  • Compare the prices. At least 3 of them.
  • Make a detailed schedule with the moving company.
  • Prepare a budget a little bit more than the original price that the moving company gave you, in case unexpected delays.
  • Call several friends as a backup plan in case the mover does not show up or any other kind of delays.

Supplies for packing

  • Order packing boxes online from 123Ink.ca.
  • Get tape, bubble wrap, markers, knives, scissors and labels for a large amount of packing.
  • Get garbage bags, broom and cleaning products.
  • Moving straps, rolling platform and blankets for-safe-packing will be super helpful if you plan to move by yourself. It won’t be necessary if you hire a moving company since they should have those appliances.
  • Prepare some cash for an emergency situation or pay for extra helpers.

Move Internet and TV services

  • Call your Internet, phone and TV service provider and book a moving installation in advance. Bring your router and dry loop to the new place.
  • If you install new, compare the offers and book installation in advance.
  • Cancel your old account if you plan to switch provider.


  • Give the key back to your landlord if you are a tenant. 
  • Ask janitor to hold the elevator (reserve with them in advance).
  • Start a little bit early in case the unplanned events.
  • Prepare some snacks, water bottles, or something with sugar for keeping the energy.
  • Tip your movers or prepare snacks and water also for your friend helpers.
  • Keep an eye on your important stuff while they are outside waiting for loading to the truck.
  • Charge your cellphone before moving, keep communication smooth.
  • Count your boxes and mark the number on the boxes.
  • Wear something sports or comfortable to keep your moving day easy and joyful
  • Confirm again the new address with your movers
  • Don’t panic, happy moving!

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