Do you need to have two printers at home?

There are several things you need to decide on before you buy a printer in Canada.  With the wealth of options available, it can get very confusing to know what choice to make when it comes to printer selection. And/or how many printers you will need.

Having an idea of what the printer will do and how it will be used will greatly assist in identifying the printing solution that needs to be acquired. You need to answer the questions below proactively to help identify the type and quantity of printers to buy:

 Where will the printer be used? How many people will use the printer?  What type of documents will be printed? How frequently will you be printing? Do you also need scanning and photocopying capabilities in the printer?  Are you printing needs only for a home office? Or is it Home office and Family printing combined? What budget do you have available for buying the printer and for buying supplies for the printer?

 When a printer is to be used infrequently for home use and most of what is to be printed is the typical one-off essays assignments from school, coupons, tickets and family photographs. The recommended option is an inkjet printer because it is better able to able to print colors than LaserJet printers.  And the upfront cost for most inkjet printers is cheaper than a LaserJet printer.  When buying a printer in Canada you can get an inkJet Printer for as low $49.99 on  And even if you require scanning and photocopying capability with the printer, there are all-in-one printers that also go for as low as $49.99. 

But with Inkjet printers, you need to pay close attention to the cost of the replacement cartridges.  The cost per page of a cartridge is relatively high leading to more expenses.  So if you will be doing a lot of printing with your inkjet printer, it might be advisable to pay higher for an inkjet printer that will require cheaper cartridges with better page yield. 

On the other hand, if the need for a printer is for home office use, and you envisage you will be printing a lot of black and white text documents frequently will little to no color graphics.  The recommended option is to acquire a LaserJet printer which might have a higher upfront cost than an Inkjet printer but has a lower cost per page and is optimized for speedily printing black and white text images. 

With the prevalence of home offices, or people working from home.  More and more people are being put in a situation where they need to decide if they need to get an extra printer due to the conflicting needs of other members of the home (typically the family) and the home office needs.  The short answer is it depends. 

It depends if the needs of the family on the printer do not impact the productivity of the home office.  For example,  if for home office needs, you have acquired a monochrome LaserJet Printer but your family members want to use that same printer to print color images, there is obviously conflict and you would be best advised to acquire another printer that meets the other family member’s needs. 

There are instances of the location of the printer (e.g. in a different area of the home) being inaccessible to some members of home making the need for a separate printer obvious. And there might be regulatory/security and privacy reasons that make it necessary to have more than one printer at home.

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