What you need in your office?

Office supplies

The classical concept of an office is that it is a place that creates an environment that fosters the receiving and collection of information, recording of information, as well as analyzing and storing information. An office is also expected to act as a hub that supports clerical and administrative duties. 

For an office to fulfill the above responsibilities, it needs to be fitted with the necessary office furniture and communication equipment – which are usually one-off purchases – as well as requiring a regular source of other essential office supplies that are required for the mundane but critical tasks necessary to keep the office running. 

Office supplies do not seem like a big deal … that is until you run out of stock of an item – say an envelope – required to post out an important letter. Then their importance is highlighted.  Identifying what office supplies is needed for an office is a key part of office administration.  The expert wisdom on purchasing office supplies is to compare prices and source them online, negotiate purchase contracts where applicable and bulk ordering when practical.

For sourcing office supplies online, there is no other site like 123ink.ca for getting your essential office supplies within Canada. 123ink.ca has different categories of essential office supplies such as:

  • Organizers
  • Office Basics such as Scissors, tapes, glues, staples, clips, and rulers. 
  • Paper & Stationery
  • Writing accessories such as Ballpoint Pens, Gel Pens, Pencils, Markers, Erasers & Correction, Crayons & Colored Pencils and  Highlighters
  • Luggage & Bags including Backpacks, Business Cases, Laptop Bags, Writing Cases and Lunch Bags
  • Binders & Presentation materials
  • Storage & Filing accessories
  • Board & Board Accessories
  • Post-it® / Self-Stick Notes & Flags
  • Labels including customizable labels for barcodes, product branding, crafts, and gifts.
  • Stamps & Stamp Pads
  • Mailing, Packing & Shipping that caters to different size mailing, packing & shipping boxes for both home packing and business packing.

All these office supplies qualify for free shipping within Canada for all order sizes above $49. 

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