What Printer can Epson t802 Ink be used for?

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Have you recently discovered the affordable but high-quality toner cartridge, Epson t802, during your search for different toner cartridges? If you have, congratulations, and if you haven’t, then have I got news for you!

This remanufactured ink is available through 123Ink.ca for the low cost of $74.99 which is a fracture of the market price of over $200.00! Remanufactured ink cartridges simply mean that the cartridge is made using a combination of both new and recycled components, and there is a chance that your unit is the original one that came in the printer. If you are nervous about using a remanufactured ink cartridge, it helps to know that the makers of the Epson t802 subject each component of the cartridge to a vigorous 12-step process to ensure high-quality ink for a fraction of the cost.

This Epson t802 ink bundle from 123Ink.ca comes complete with black toner cartridges, along with three different color cartridges, which are contained all in one single unit. With warehouses on both the Western and Eastern sides of Canada, there is nothing holding up the shipping of your product as it will be shipped from the closest warehouse to your location. With a shelf life of two full years and a page yield of 2600 pages (1900 for the colored ink); there is nothing to complain about when it comes to this ink.

The majority of customer reviews for this ink cartridge were four stars and up, with people raving about the quality of the printing and the amount of saturation offered on each page. It can get quite expensive when you are constantly changing the ink cartridges in your printer, so when you find a bundle that is as favourable as this one, it is time to act before they are all gone!

What Printers can the Epson t802 Ink be used for?

If you are unsure of what printer your Epson t802 Ink Cartridge can be used for then consult your printer’s instruction manual or locate the informational sticker that is usually on the back of your printer to find out the recommended ink cartridges.

This cartridge can be used for but not limited to:

If you own an Epson printer but it is not one of the listed models, then contact the Epson customer service department to confirm what ink cartridges are compatible for your model.

Changing your Ink Cartridge

If you just received your Epson t802 ink cartridge in the post, then it is time to change the current unit out for the new one. Changing your ink cartridge is a straightforward process that requires the following:

  • Remove all power to the printer and ensure the unit is turned off.
  • Lift up the scanner portion of the printer to expose the cartridge holder.
  • Open the cartridge cover to expose the actual cartridge and press in on each side of the cartridge to begin removal.
  • Once both sides are squeezed together on the cartridge, simply lift straight up vertically to remove the cartridge.
  • Gently shake the new cartridge, remove the outer packaging and remove the yellow security tape from the unit.
  • Place the cartridge down into the holder in a straight motion until it clicks in place.
  • Close the cartridge cover until it clicks in place.
  • Lower the scanner unit and resume power to the printer.
  • Print your documents

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