The Complete Guide to Buy Mesh Office Chair that is Cheaper than Walmart and Staples

Has your office chair seen better days? Is that broken wheel being propped up with a telephone book?  There are so many office chairs available today that it can be overwhelming when trying to make the right purchase for you. This is a complete guide to buy a mesh office chair in Canada. Here’s to hoping by the end of this post; you will have no doubts as to what you want!

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are made from breathable material and have a patio screen look to it, for lack of a better description. This makes it more difficult to wipe clean. It is known for its durability. It is available in a few colors, making it a fun choice for those trying to brighten their office environment.

There are several styles and features available.

Armless or with arms chairs

This includes drafting and task chairs. The arms can be adjustable or flip-up to make an armless chair if need be. Adjustable arms are part of the ergonomic design and provide more support while typing or writing.

Adjustable backs

 An adjustable back enables the chair to fit the contours of your back and can be adjusted forward and backward for enhanced lumbar support.

With or Without Headrests or Footrests

These include adjustable high back chairs, regular high back chairs, and computer chairs. These features offer extra neck and leg support for the comfort of the chair user.


What makes an office chair ergonomic? The following: back and seat adjustability, enough seat width and depth, mellow seat padding, seat pan front edge “waterfall”, lumbar support, full-scale back-to-shoulder support, adjustable armrest, stable 5-leg chair base, easy-to-roll casters (wheels), no pressure produced on knees and anti-static is an add-on feature. Be sure to check out our ergonomic chair guide.

Folding chairs for office parties or gatherings. These are the same as a standard folding chair but made with mesh.

Camping chairs

Yes, they are available in mesh! They are foldable and very portable. Nor do they take up much space when packed into your trunk.

Then there are other factors to consider such as size, wheels and the type of seat. Most office chairs are a standard size for the average height person 5’5 to 6’ and up to 250 pounds. Those who are shorter should look for petite chairs (yes, they are available!). For those larger than average, whether in height or weight, big and tall chairs are available. Mesh is a cheap office chair option for those on budget.

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