Essential List of Office Supplies for Your Home

Office supplies

We do a lot of interesting things at home.  And the home is what we look forward to after a day at work.  For some, who have home offices, work and home are at the same location. 

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Even if we do not have an office in the home, there will be times you will need to do some clerical and administrative activity normally reserved for the office at home. Think writing out a shopping list, Addressing that birthday card, Filing the taxes and bills, sending out a wrapped parcel as a gift to that special one. 

The above activities just like the activities in a home office require that office supplies be stocked in the home or the home office. 

Below is a sample list of essential office supplies for the home that you should not be without. 

Glue sticks

Rubber bands

Pencil sharpener

Paper & Stationery Supplies

Binder clips (various sizes)

Stapler and staples

Tape dispenser, and extra rolls of tape

Different sizes of Envelopes

Thank you notes


File labels

Manila file folders


Sticky notes


Sealing Tape

Pens and pencils, plus erasers


Permanent markers


Paper clips

The above list is a good place to start when you want to identify what should be in the home office.  But depending on what you do regularly, you might need to add other office supplies to the list.  And the good news is in Canada you get offices supplies at very affordable prices from And for orders above $49, you get free shipping within Canada.

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