Do Kneeling Chairs Work for Back Pain?

It’s a common ailment among those who use an office chair on a fairly regular basis – back pain and aches that spring up out of nowhere and can last throughout the entire day. These aches and pains take a toll on the body and can leave you feeling tired, irritable and frustrated at the simplest things. Suddenly you are taking more over-the-counter or prescription pain medication that you would like to, you are missing work for massage, physio and chiropractor appointments and you are in a constant state of worry over the simplest movement causing another muscle spasm.

There are so many products on the market that can help alleviate or allow you to avoid these aches and pains from ergonomic chairs, desks, computer monitors and even a new product on the market – the kneeling office chair.

The kneeling office chair is a specially designed chair that allows the user to maintain a “kneeling” position throughout the day but with the pads constructed in a way that it ensures the back and spine are kept in a correct posture. This proper posture allows for proper spinal alignment and will reduce the overall tension felt throughout the back, even while sitting in an office chair for eight or more hours a day.

The Kneeling Office Chair


  • Distributes natural body weight throughout the shins and buttocks while avoiding weight placed on the lower back.
  • Promotes proper posture and correct spinal alignment.
  • Are generally designed with height and seat adjustments to find the best angle for your natural body type.
  • Can also be seen as a workout as it utilizes the core muscles to maintain the correct posture and spinal alignment that the kneeling chair is becoming popular for.
  • They are small in construction and will take up less floor space than a traditional office chair.
  • Are generally a fraction of the cost compared to that of a traditional office chair.
  • Can be purchased with a backrest or just the kneeling pads – whichever you find is the most comfortable or will suit your natural body type.
  • Numerous reviews all state after the initial transition period – the comfort level of the kneeling chair is phenomenal, from the lack of slouching to the distribution of body weight.


  • Can take up to a week to get used to the different position of the kneeling chair.
  • The transition period can leave you feeling tired with slight muscle quivers that are similar to working out.
  • Your leg movement and range of motion will be affected and diminished.
  • Sitting down and getting up can be difficult and awkward until you are used to the different positions of the kneeling chair.


Want to check out some great deals on kneeling office chairs? Head over the to browse through their section of high-quality office chairs for a fraction of the office supply store cost. With fast shipping, free returns and customer service you can count on, there is only one thing that you have to lose and that’s stubborn back pain and aches that plague each of your working days.

Try a new chair, speak to your healthcare professional and start living your best life in the office – starting with the elimination of back aches and pains! 

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