Did bad Laser toner ruin my printer?

Yes, a bad laser toner – either a remanufactured one, a compatible one, or a refilled one can damage your highly priced and treasured printer.  Bad laser toners can do this in several ways, but the most prominent way they wreak havoc on a printer (especially with refilled cartridges)  is by leaking the toner powder into the inner working mechanism of the printer which ends up ultimately damaging the printer.

Another way a toner causes issue for a printer is if the toner powder ink is not of the same quality or does not meet the printer manufacturer specification. This incompatibility in ink types while not visible to the naked eye when pages are printed, will in the long run cause damage to the printer head.   

The bad news of a damaged printer due to a bad laser toner is compounded by the fact that most printer manufacturer warranty does not extend to damage caused by bad toners from generic suppliers. So not only does a bad toner give your poor print quality jobs, it has the potential of causing you hundreds in dollars to replace the printer. 

For budgetary reasons, some users opt for cheap refilled toners or low-quality compatible toners not understanding that there might be a damaging impact on the laser printer. 

If the prohibitive cost of OEM original does not enable you to consider OEM Original toners as an option when purchasing replacement toners, then the best option to consider is the superior option of using high-grade compatible toners from a reliable manufacturer of compatible toners like Moustache®

Moustache toner cartridges are an industry recognized as giving the same standard as the OEM Original.  But the good news is they are considerably cheaper than the OEM Original. Furthermore, to give you peace of mind, all their products come with a two-year guarantee and free return if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Moustache toners are available from 123ink.ca.  And you can use the site’s search tool to find the types of moustache toner cartridges available for various brands of OEM printers. 

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