Canon PG245XL Ink for Printer TR4527

In the market for a new printer? Are you looking for one that will fulfil all of your office needs – from scanning documents to emailing both documents and pictures, along with faxing abilities and high-resolution printing? If so, there is a printer on the market today that you should definitely take a look at! The Canon Printer TR4527 – a hybrid printer that can handle each one of your office jobs with ease and convenience.

The Printer

The Canon Printer TR4527 is considered a hybrid in the printer sector of the market because not only does it print high-resolution documents, you can also easily scan documents or pictures, email them to yourself or others, and even fax or copy with the tap of a button. With the handy and easy dual-side printing option, you not only can create official documents in no time, but you can also save on your paper usage – reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

This wireless printer will use Bluetooth technology to complete each task and eliminate numerous pesky cords cluttering up your workstation. You can even download the Canon App for your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth compatible device and send your print jobs from wherever you are so they are waiting for you when you return. This printer is a compact model so it easily fits on a shelf or on the edge of your desk while leaving ample space for the rest of your official duties.

Unfortunately, there is one downside to this printer that doesn’t involve its operating system and that is the high cost of replacement printer ink cartridges. The Canon Printer TR4527 requires Canon PG245 XL Ink or Canon PG246 XL Ink cartridges and will not print at the same top-quality level without the proper ones.

Printer ink cartridges have recently risen in cost due to the compact size and higher quality of ink. The cost of the printer ink replacement cartridges can be a deterrent to some when they are looking at upgrading their current printer, with some cartridges costing upwards of $100.00 for just black ink and colored ink costing a fair bit more.

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