Brother MFC-j491DW Ink is LC3013 and LC3011

Brother LC3013 Ink

If you recently have redone your office, either in your home or at your place of employment, hopefully, those upgrades included a new printer! With the technology available today, it is no wonder that numerous people and businesses are upgrading their current printers to newer models. The new technology available can print a multiple page document in seconds, copy numerous pages at once, and both fax and email documents around the globe in minutes. These new printers offer a quality that cannot be matched, whether it is in the printing of official documents (invoices, reports, etc.) or reproducing an image from your computer onto paper.

The quality of printing that is available from newer printers is not easily matched, such as the MFC-j491DW Printer. This printer can easily handle a large variety of print jobs and reproduce images in a matter of seconds with a quality that is heavily saturated in ink where required and a faint smidgen of color or ink where it matters the most. The only downside to these new and improved printers? The cost of an ink replacement cartridge. Some ink replacement cartridges can run upwards of $100.00, depending on the resolution needed, the size of the cartridge and if you are purchasing purely black ink or colored.

If the price of the replacement cartridges are enough to make you balk at the thought of upgrading your current printer to one of better resolution and quality, then perhaps this will ease your mind and make your decision a tad bit easier:

Brother LC3013 Ink is one of Canada’s top suppliers of high-quality ink, including the not only the Brother LC3013 Ink but also the Brother LC3011 Ink that is required for the MFC-j491DW Printer, for a mere fraction of the instore costs. Office supply stores, whether local or franchises, can mark up their products to make a profit or regain costs spent on shipping from the manufacturer; but 123Ink guarantees the best pricing on all replacement ink cartridges. Not only is the lowest cost for ink cartridges guaranteed, but your purchase is also protected by the 365-day guarantee on each order which is accompanied by lightning fast shipping from right here in Canada. With easy returns and refunds, it is no wonder that more and more Canadians (and international customers) are turning to for all their office supply needs.

With top ratings for customer service (including returns, refunds, shipping, tracking and more!), you can securely and quickly order all your ink cartridge needs from the Brother LC3013 Ink along with the Brother LC3011 Ink replacement cartridges while saving money on each one! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when shopping for your replacement ink cartridges on

While browsing the comprehensive site, why not check out their lines of printers, office chairs, printer paper, and even ergonomically correct office chairs to truly learn what amazing savings can be. Don’t forget to take advantage of their offers of free shipping with a minimum dollar amount purchase or wait until they put on their free shipping deals on all orders!

Have fun shopping and saving money at the same time.

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