Would a Ball Chair Be Good for Extensive Use at a Computer?

More and more Canadians are working remotely in their own home offices or joining co-working spaces if they’re self-employed freelancers. With the millennial gig economy expected to expand steadily by 2020, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of young people are taking careful consideration into the health risks of long-term computer use.

Computer Use in the Workforce

Social media addiction aside, Canadians in the millennial age cohort are very likely to spend hours using a computer, phone, or tablet for work. While their parents might have warned them not to stare at a screen for too long in high school, now those same Internet-savvy kids have grown up and inherited a changing workforce that relies heavily on technology.

Canadian Millennials are not only well-informed on how to use the Internet effectively at work and play, but they are also aware that their physical health is suffering as a result of long hours in front of screens. Long working hours without breaks cause fatigue, eye strain, stress, and insomnia, among other physical and mental issues that can be alleviated by using helpful break timer apps such as Time Out and StretchClock.

It’s Not Just About Aesthetics

When building a home office or personalizing your cubicle, you might take a lot of time to consider the aesthetic qualities of your surroundings, while forgetting the importance of choosing the best chair and desk set for your long sedentary work hours. Not only is comfort important for productivity, but it’s also actually necessary if you want to maintain your steady workflow for years to come and not face burnout due to physical distress.

Back pain is becoming increasingly common for millennials, but there are definitely small steps you can take to avoid becoming a hunchback before you’re 30. You might not be able to take as many breaks as you’d like, but getting up and walking around every twenty minutes or so can be helpful at reducing the physical strain of being sated for long hours.Ball Chair

Choose a Ball Chair

Researching the type of chair you buy for your office, be it at home or in a professional setting, can make a world of difference. Finding the right chair for the job is more important than many people believe, so don’t skimp out, even if the expense is a bit higher than you had budgeted for.

Though there are plenty of chairs out there that claim to support the spine and provide comfort for employees, only a ball chair is statistically proven to force your spine into alignment, improve your balance, and allow for a considerable amount of motion continuously throughout the day. They might look a little silly, but ball chairs are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why.

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