What is the Deadline for Filing Taxes in Canada

Tax Season Moustache Office Supplies

2019 is well underway. Perhaps you are as surprised as we are that we are entering the second quarter of this new year. One-quarter of the way through 2019…wow!  All of you organized folks probably had your taxes completed in February after you received your T-4s and other necessary documents. Any procrastinators out there? Ah…yes, we knew there would be! Shh…. there are a few among us too! Therefore, we formally welcome to the tax-procrastinator’s-club! And no, there is no such thing (that we know of!), just in this blog post.

Tax Season Moustache Office Supplies

Seriously though, you will need to start getting your tax information organized and taken to your favorite tax advisor or accountant. The deadline for filing taxes in Canada this year is April 29 at midnight. The post office is not open at midnight so you may want to think of your local post office hours when you are thinking of the latest you can get it mailed.

Things to Remember When Filing Your Taxes

  1. Know your post office hours.
  2. There is free tax software is available, simply do an internet search or inquire at your local tax office.
  3. Free tax help is usually available at your local library or visit Canada Revenue’s website for more information.
  4. Keep in mind your tax advisor or accountant’s workload and office hours.
  5. T-4s and other applicable forms, paperwork, receipts, mileage book
  6. Office supplies – sticky notes, staples, paper clips, printer ink, paper, file folders, dividers, etc.
  7. File and pay any money owed on time to avoid any late fees or penalties.
  8. Double check to make sure you have everything you need to file. Filing mistakes will hinder any tax refund, as well as your Child Benefits come July.

Finally, relax! If you owe money, payment arrangements can be made through CRA. Be aware that you may have to jump through some hoops to do so but it will relieve your stress in the end. If you are receiving a refund, enjoy!

Don’t forget April 29 is the deadline for filing your income tax.

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